Design Destinations and America’s Favorite Design Events | 501 | 2024 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Review with Angeline Guido Hall, John Weinstein and Kevie Murphy

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For those who have been part of our little club since day one, you have heard me say this, and for those new to the podcast, I want you to know that I am incredibly grateful. I started this show over 11 years ago to bring a level of coverage to the design and architecture community that I felt was missing at the time. I am now and always have been a huge fan of the shelter publications in particular and magazines in general. I still have old copies of Dwell from the early to mid 2,000’s, copies of Metropolitan Home that I will still, on occasion just grab a nice beverage and go through the pages, waxing nostalgic for a time when the shelter publications focused on the art form that is architecture and interiors design. Not the celebrity, trend-spotting and ephemeral social media content. 

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For that reason, one of the things I enjoy most, is getting back to the meaningful events. I love attending and even just talking about some of America’s favorite design festivals, trade shows, happenings, gatherings and events. And since they are so different, there can’t be one favorite event and that is what I think is so special. They are all different. But there really are two heavy hitters, behemoths in the industry… KBIS/ IBS and High Point Market. This is not to take away from any of the other gatherings, and we will be covering most of those as well, but these two are different due to sheer size and scope.

This episode of the podcast is dedicated to specifiers everywhere who are venturing out for the first time to attend KBIS/ IBS. We have a double episode plus. That means you are going to hear from 2 designers and a brand about the KBIS experience in 2024. Their approach to the show and strategies they use for navigation to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time and the fewest number of steps. Today you are going to hear from Angeline Guido Hall of Angeline Guido Designs, Kevie Murphy of KA Murphy Designs and John Weinstein, CEO of FV America, the American arm of Franz Viegner.

Amazing right? At the end of the day, there are certainly strategies you can use to maximize time and effort to see and learn about. It’s not just the things we see, new finds, materiality, touch feel, size but the people we meet, reconnect with and with whom we engage. That is where the real value lies. 

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KBIS 2023 Road Trip | 422 | What Happened in Vegas Will Not Be Staying in Vegas featuring World-Class Design Talent & Insights

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with an absolutely jam packed episode featuring some sound from KBIS and IBS 2023. For the record, this show was amazing, and you’re about to hear why…

Designer Resources

ThermaSol – Redefining the modern shower experience. Episode 271 featuring Mitch Altman

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Design Hardware – A stunning and vast collection of jewelry for the home!

The pandemic is over. With that broad statement comes some finer nuanced observations. Yes, people are still getting COVID, yes, you still see some masked holdouts but I would equate those to a lingering cough after being sick. I base this on the traffic I saw at Las Vegas Market, KBIS and IBS. It was jammed, the parties were full of unmasked, imbibing revelers all in Las Vegas to see what happening, and much was happening. 

You have already heard some of what was happening at Las Vegas Market. If you missed it, check the show notes or podcast feed for links to episodes about the panels and the people. This is a montage from KBIS and IBS featuring brands and design talent from around the country who decended upon sin city to celebrate design and find inspiration from products and innovation. It is important to call an end to the pandemic but to remember all that we have learned. I will say this again, once something unprecedented happens, it is no longer unprecedented and the odds are that something like it can and will happen again. If and when it does, will we be prepared? That is a conversation for another day. Today, you are going to hear from some amazing individuals including; Hacker Kitchens, Breegan Jane, John Cialone, Top Knobs, Sara Malek Barney and more. So, let’s get after it.

Wow. Jam packed, right?  Thank you Sara, Matt, Roz, Andeas, Breegan, Christine & John. Thank you Convo By Design sponsors, ThermaSol, Moya Living and Design Hardware for your partnership. I appreciate you and I love the way you support the design industry. For those listening who want to learn more, please check the show notes for links. Thank you for listening to the show. I know now more than ever, there are a lot of shows out there and you chose CXD. I appreciate you and I hope you found this episode to be a great use of your time because that is my goal. Let’s do this again shall we? Say, next week? Until then, be well and take today first. -CXD