John McClain | 217 | Blending Styles to Achieve Chic, Collected Luxury

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Some designers have a signature look while others practice a signature process. Designer John McClain is a blender and bender of styles to achieve unique and unforgettable looks. John is bi-coastal with offices in Florida and California. His signature style really is in his approach which makes him truly unique and worthy of watching. I believe in the art forms that are design and architecture. When speaking with a designer like John, I am in my element because I can ask questions that might get a sideways look from another designer. I ask questions like these to break the information down into small bites, then rebuild a concept so the non-designer can understand it. I really enjoyed my chat with John. He knows the look he is trying to achieve which enables him to experiment a bit more and to me, that is where design gets really exciting.

Before we get into this, I want to thank you for listening to Convo By Design. It has been six years and we are doing more than we ever have before. This year alone, Convo By Design will be at Modernism Week, KBIS, Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, WestWeek, LCDQ Legends, Los Angeles Design Festival, Fall Market and of course, WestEdge Design Fair. Make sure you catch every episode with upcoming activities. Subscribe to the show wherever you get your favorite podcasts. This is John McClain

Chris Barrett | 216 | Secrets of a Design Alchemist

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Designer Chris Barrett creates bold and breathtaking design by blending color, light and materials. Her looks infuse global influence into California culture.

This conversation was recorded in the actual Living Kitchen Studio inside the Santa Monica Snyder Diamond showroom. Chris and I had a great conversation and I learned some things about the business side of design that I think you will really appreciate. As you listen to this episode, you are going to hear about some of the fundamental differences a creative must address as it relates to working for a big firm or going off and starting their own. Never before has this been so important. There is security working for someone else. But there are tax advantages now if you are a business owner. At the same time, when you are a business owner, you have total creative freedom, not so when you are working for someone else.

These are not new ideas, but Chris has some really strong concepts and she shares them with you. She also shares her creative process and ways she processes her looks and design aesthetic. This is designer Chris Barrett.

Tatiana Mandelli | 215 | The Beauty of Brazilian Outdoor Living

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Tatiana Mandelli created Tidelli in Brazil and now lives here in Los Angeles. The Tidelli brand is growing rapidly because their rope outdoor furniture is fun, vibrant, comfortable and different. The company has a fearless approach to furnishings through the styles, colors or designers they embrace. I met Tatiana through Cesar Giraldo. Cesar is one of my absolute favorites. You have heard him on the show and if you came to visit me at WestEdge Design Fair where Convo By Design presented the programming lounge, the Tidelli lounge was just outside and there was this video of Cesar dancing in a gold suit, it was this crazy dream sequence video and after three days, it was permanently burned into memory. That presentation is the same approach Tatiana takes to the whole business. She is fearless. And that is great, there should be more people like Tatiana. I hope you enjoy this conversation. if you do. Please share the show with a friend who might enjoy it as well.

You are listening to my conversation with Tidelli founder, Tatiana Mandelli . Tatiana has an amazing company with unique designs, vibrant colors and a fearless approach to design. Fearless is not easy, no matter how some creatives seem to make it appear. You need a good team supporting you, you need resources. I hope you consider Convo By Design as one of those resources.

Convo By

Modernism Week | 214 | Design Legends and Hollywood Royalty

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If You like Mid-Century Modern architecture and everything that goes along with it, Modernism Week is for you. Well, I love Mid-Century Modern and I love Modernism Week. The home tours are great, the parties are so much fun and catching up with friends is the best. I had the chance to catch up with more than a few friends on this trip and I am going to share some of those conversations. One of my favorite things about publishing Convo By Design is that the SoCal design community is so strong and comprised of an amazing group of professionals. It’s a tight group and a group that values more than just creating beautiful design and meaningful architecture, but preserving what is already existing. Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield created a fantastic brand in Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design. The firm displays mastery of luxury, Hollywood regency and LA opulence in every project. But their passion for significant and meaningful design has led them to found SIA, Save Iconic Architecture. This charitable organization is desiccated to doing just that. Jaime, Ron and I caught up at their event during Modernism Week at Villa Paradiso, a world-class estate in the heart of Palm Springs. A place that used to serve as Cary Grant’s hangout amongst a bevy of other celebs during Palm Springs heyday. Jaime and Ron are going to fill you in on SIA and ways to get involved. As with any good party, there are more drop-ins and guest to talk to including set decorator and SIA board member, Peter Gurski. Why does saving iconic architecture matter? Who decides if it’s “iconic” and where does one start… Right here with Ron and Jaime. But first… Patrick Dragonette, who will tell you a bit about this years LCDQ Legends event which you do NOT want to miss as well as other fun stories from around the quarter.

Have you made your plans to attend Legends, Convo By Design is an official media partner and I will be around so come say hello.

We were catching up at Villa Paradiso in Palm Springs. Cary Grant hung out there and named it Villa Paradiso because he said, “It was all that and more.” Palm Springs is all that and more if you love Mid-Century Modern, clean lines and beautiful furnishings.

I have been telling you about Article for a few weeks now. Article is an online only furniture company inspired by mid-century style and Scandinavian simplicity. As a design trade professional, you are going to love the style and the quality of Article furniture. Here is the best part, Article has created a trade program specifically for busy designers. Check this out, joining the Trade program is FREE and there is no minimum for you to start receiving trade discounts. NONE. Exclusive designer pricing that cannot be found for less elsewhere. They offer a standard one year warranty on all Article furniture AND the shipping… You are going to LOVE the shipping. Flat rate, in most cases, if not free and it’s fast, stock items ship in 2 weeks or less. What are you waiting for? Sign up for this and make your job easier by working with partners who get you, understand your challenges. They handle special invoicing, tax-exempt purchasing and the customer service is staffed by design professionals. These are real people who know what you are trying to accomplish and have the authority to help you get what you need. So, sign up for Article’s trade program right now, go to CXD dot Article dot com. C-X-D as in Convo By Design, CXD dot Article dot com.

Thank you, Article. This is Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield from beautiful Villa Paradiso.

I spoke a bit with Catarina Monnier, from Tidelli. If you are a designer with a brand, a product designer, manufacturer or showroom manager in need of direction when it comes to getting involved with trade and consumer focused shows, Catarina is a wealth of information. This is how Tidelli approaches consumer and trade engagement at industry events.

I want to thank Ron Woodson, Jaime Rummerfield, Patrick Dragonette, Peter Gurski, Catarina Monnier for appearing on the show. And I want to thank you for listening. I appreciate you and hope you enjoyed this episode. I also want to thank Snyder Diamond, Sub-Zero, Wolf, VONDOM and Article dot com for making the show possible. See you next week.

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Modern Media Mastery | 213 | A Publishers Guide to Getting Published

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These are the rules you cannot ignore if you want media coverage of your work. Rules to follow. Break them and you could miss your big break.

I sat with Modern Luxury Media Group Publisher, Chris Gialanella and Modern Luxury Editor-In-Chief, Laura Eckstein-Jones. We talked about the publishing industry, specifically as it relates to the design community. With multiple titles, how does this dynamic team cover an eternally changing city like Los Angeles? How do they separate trending from trendy and provide users (readers, sponsors and the subjects of the content itself) with the experience they demand? In an era with fewer media titles, and fewer media owners, how do designers and architects set them selves apart and secure coverage.

What do these changes hold for designers, architects, pr reps and brand managers? With so many questions and so few answers available, I went to the source so you can hear exactly how they process this and turn it into action.

Before we get into this conversation with Chris and Laura, I want to thank you for listening and invite you to join in the conversation. You can find us @ConvoByDesign on twitter and @ConvoXDesign with an ‘X” on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find videos from these conversations on our YouTube channel, again search Convo By Design and you will find over 150 videos from some of your favorite guests, including the following. If you like the show, please send it to a friend so they can join our design community. Thanks for listening, enjoy the show.

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