Maggie Griffin | 304 | Designing Atlanta with Southern Charm and A European Flair for Style

Maggie Griffin is a fabulous Atlanta based designer who has mastered the feel of Southern charm, yet fine-tuned her craft in Europe while studying in Florence, Italy. Her studies included the history of fabrics, retail marketing, and merchandising. With an obvious passion for her work and institutional knowledge and mastery of textiles, Maggie is able to craft her spaces for southern living with a European flair and that is evident in her work. Maggie, as a designer, has what I call the ‘full range of motion’ as it relates to the work from her Modern Atlanta Farmhouse to a charming Dutch Colonial with southern accents. You are going to meet Maggie, hear her story, and learn how it all comes together.

Thank you, Maggie. I loved this conversation. Some of my favorite parts include project exploration. That really is what it is, a deep dive into the design itself. Amazing. Thank you Walker Zanger for your partnership. Thank you for listening, thank you for subscribing to the show. Thank you for keeping me company in 2020 through the podcast. It is amazing to receive emails of support and show suggestions. This is it, the last episode of 2020. With this, we bid 2020 farewell and look forward to what has to be a better year. I wish you health, success, and the best year ever. Be well, and until next year, keep creating.

New, Now and Next | 304 | Stunningly Beautiful Hygienic, Sustainable Bathroom Design

This is Bob Gifford from Hastings Tile & Bath. We met at the WestEdge Design Fair in 2019 and had a nice long chat about marketing and business development in the industry. We also talked about the full-body air dryer they were promoting at the show. Ditch the towel, this mounts inside the shower. Such a simple thing really, but consider this. How often do you wash your towels?

At a time when cleanliness is of premium concern in an era where water conservation is both important and a remarkable source of financial savings. This is something that can be installed in the shower, by the pool and you can eliminate the towel completely. Bob and I met again a day later at the full-body dryer to see how it works.

Thank you Bob, that was fun. Next up is Director, North America for Franz Viegener, John Weinstein. The brand from Buenos Aires is crafting some amazing plumbing products. Check this out from John Weinstein of Franz Veigener…

Thank you Bob, thank you, John. What’s new, now and next… ways to make your bathrooms simple, efficient and like going to the spa, when you can’t necessarily go to the spa. Thank you Walker Zanger for your continued support of Convo By Design. Thank you for listening, downloading and subscribing to the podcast. Join in the conversation, follow along at Convo By Design dot com and Convo X Design, with an “X” on Instagram. Be well, and until next week, keep creating. 

The Business of Kitchen Design Mastery | 303 | Exploring Experiential Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of the home, always has been and you already know this. But this conversation features Julia Wong, Laurie Haefele and Shirry Dolgin, Barry Bredvik, and Kristi Nelson explores new directions and ideas about kitchen design. These three amazing designers come from different backgrounds but all have mastered interior design and truly understand the form and function of kitchen design. You are going to hear a high-level conversation that covers technology, layout, and specifically the use of space articulated into actionable methods for kitchen design.

Susan McFadden of California Homes Magazine moderated this panel. What you are going to find is how this conversation zigs and zags through so many topics but the through lines provide some remarkable ideas for crafting the perfect space for every home.

This panel is introduced by Megan Reilly, co-founder of WestEdge Design Fair, the fall home of Convo By Design in Santa Monica California.  

What a great chat. Thank you Susan McFadden for moderating, California Homes Magazine for your support. Thank you, Julia, Shirry, Laurie, Kristi, and Barry for your time and masterful contributions. Thank you Megan and Troy for your partnership. Thank you Walker Zanger for your continued support of the podcast.  And, thank you for listening, subscribing, and downloading every episode of Convo By Design. I miss you. I miss seeing you at WestEdge and all the other design fairs and festivals we missed in 2020. But we will meet again in 2021. And until we do, be well and keep creating.

The Showroom featuring Mikel Welch | 302 | Finding Balance, Mastering the Hi-Lo Mix and a Horse for Every Occassion

One of my greatest joys in producing Convo By Design is the exploration for and discovery of new design and architecture talent. I was familiar with Mikel Welch and his work but we had never met. Welch is producing some amazing design work. Mikel incorporates rustic charm, modern, clean lines, hints of regency, handcrafted tribal art. This blend is masterfully worked and along with an often present horse… I mention this because if the horse was, in fact, Mikel’s spirit animal, it wouldn’t surprise me.

The horse represents a driving force in life, what carries you. It represents strength, passionate desires, and balance between the tamed and the instinctual elements of one’s personality. I’m not trying to get too woo-woo here, but I’m seeing something here and as you listen to my chat with Mikel Welch, I think you might as well.

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Thank You, Mikel. That was fun. Thank you Walker Zanger for your partnership and continued support. Thank you for listening to this episode of Convo By Design. Please make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss a single episode. You can also follow along, ConvoByDesign.Com and @ConvoXDesign with an “X” on Instagram. For show inquiries, sponsorship, and guest inquiries, email me Be well and until next week, keep creating.

Aspirational Design From the Garden State | 301 | The 2020 Aspire Design House

The Aspire House: Princeton is offering a fifth edition of this designer showcase and as design houses should, this one focuses on amazing talent and unique design. The New Jersey design house will offer live tours of the house which is a novel approach in 2020 considering almost all the other design houses this year have been forced to go with virtual tours. This was my first opportunity to cover the Aspire House: Princeton and as you will hear, this cohort of design talent is extremely diverse in style, aesthetic, philosophy and background. That is the secret to presenting a unique design experience which is exactly what the Aspire Design: Princeton house is. This episode features the following design house participants:

Dianne Durocher – Diane Durocher Interiors | Diane Durochere started her eponymous firm with the idea that a well-designed home is an investment in the quality of life. It influences the way we live. And that idea guides the way she designs.

Ginny Padoula – Town & Country Kitchen and Bath | Ginny Padola created her firm, Town & County Kitchen and Bath with the idea that clients should have access to luxury, bespoke cabinetry, high-end materials and finishes and work within the client’s budget and vision.

Tamu Rasheba Green – Lux Pad Interiors | Tamu Rasheba Green is the principal designer behind Lux Pad Interiors. Green’s mission is to infuse society with love, one project at a time. And, in each project, she considers client, community and environment with individually tailored beauty.

Alirio Pirela – Pirela Atelier | Alirio Pirela is an east coast designer with a focus on blending artistic and technical aspects in the work. Pirela is multi-cultural and multi-lingual with Latin and European influences in his work.

Anna Maria Mannarino – Mannarino Designs, Inc. | Anna Maria Mannarino is an award-winning designer and principal designer of her namesake firm. The company promotes itself as transforming spaces from Cape Cod to Cape May. That span includes Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Maryland.

Gail Davis – Gail Davis Designs | Gail Davis is a powerful creative with a fondness for color, texture and presenting the unexpected in a way that continues to surprise and delight. Gail has a clear vision and presents ‘lively elegance’ with a timeless traditional style and a hint of modernity.

Joe Giamarese & Vivian Hung – Global Home

Tram-And Poprik – Red Bank Design Center

Joe Berkowitz – JAB Design Group | Visionary designer, Joseph Berkowitz works to create ‘moments’ in time and space through design. Both simple and elaborate designs created through this elevated philosophy whose mission is to elevate personal and meaningful environments.

Steve Mandel – Aspire Magazine | Aspire Design and Home Magazine produced and presents this design house and has enabled these amazing creatives to showcase their work in a unique format. Steve Mandel is the publisher of Aspire Magazine.

Thank you to all of these amazing designers for taking the time to share their spaces. Design houses are like the design and architecture industry’s version of the auto show for the automotive industry. It is a chance to present real, imagined aspirational and conceptual ideas in a real-world format. With work and a little good fortune, 2021 will be a different type of year and we can go see this house in person next year. Until then, I hope you enjoyed hearing about their work, make sure you check it out online. Thank you to Walker Zanger for your continued support of Convo By Design. Thank you to all of you listening and subscribing to the show. If not subscribing yet, please do, it’s easy. You can ask Siri for help and you can find Convo By Design everywhere you find your favorite shows. You can also learn more about the show at convo by design dot com and convo by design with an ‘X’ on Instagram. Thanks again for listening, be well and until next week, keep creating.