Your Canvas for Outdoor Memories | 255 | Creating Memory Making Spaces for Outdoor Living

This is the time of year when many here in California are starting to think about getting back outside. It was cold for a week or two, we got a little rain to clean off the dust from the Santa Ana winds and now it’s time to start thinking about making new outdoor memories. For that, we are going back to the WestEdge Design Fair for a conversation called, Your Canvas for Outdoor Memories presented by Urban Bonfire and featuring; Patty Dominguez, VP of National Sales at Cosentino, Annette Reeves, lifestyle advisor for Pirch and designer, Cesar Giraldo. If you have listened to the show for a while, you know Cesar. This panel was moderated by Urban Bonfire President and Co-Founder, Ryan Bloom.

You are going to hear about collaboration, inspiration, design and putting it all together for a space that is a canvas for creating your outdoor memories. Enjoy this conversation, by design. A note, if you haven’t already please subscribe to the podcast everywhere you find your favorite shows, check out our videos form conversations like this one and engage via the socials. Can’t wait to hear from you and if your’e a designer with a story to tell, email me directly

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Epic Spaces & Favorite Places | 254 | Bringing Inspiration Home

This is a conversation from the WestEdge Design Fair called Epic Spaces and Favorite Places… Here’s the idea… Online access has made the world a smaller place. It has brought us closer together and created the opportunity to see amazing things in wonderful and far away places. For some, that’s just not good enough. Travel, treasure hunting and using that as inspiration to create magnificent spaces is their true desire. This is a conversation about amazing places in exotic places and bringing it home moderated by USModernist.Org founder George Smart and featuring, Assembledge+ David Thompson, Massimo Buster Minale from Buster and Punch, interior designers Alison Pickart and John McClain and Fettle’s Tom Parker. This is a great chat about design, inspiration, travel and putting it together in pursuit of epic spaces!
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Build Your Design Brand | 253 | The Firm Upgrade Master Class

This is a panel conversation from the WestEdge Design Fair called The Firm Upgrade, part of the Brand Development Series. It featured journalist, Alex Abramian, Project M+ Cleo Muranane, Designer Jeff Andrews and Xander Noori’s, Keon Khajavi-Noori. This conversation is about growing your design or architecture firm’s brand, your profile, doing more, doing better and increasing the productivity of your brand development, an afterthought for many creators. This is the whole conversation and it covers many of the questions you probably asked yourself before working on your resolutions for 2020.  Get off to a fast start… It starts here. This conversation was hosted by yours truly and I do hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for the time, Alex, Cleo, Keon and Jeff and thank you for listening, downloading, subscribing, emailing and coming out to our events. Without you, there is no Convo By Design. Please follow the podcast on Instagram, ConvoXDesign with and “X” and make sure you subscribe everywhere you find your favorite podcasts. That way, you will receive new episodes on your mobile device the moment they are published.

Convo By Design is presented by Walker Zanger.

Until next week, keep creating.

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Martyn Lawrence Bullard | 252 | Designer, Traveler, Storyteller & Luminary

This is the seventh year of Convo By Design and I can tell you, this will be the most adventurous yet. Starting off strong in 2020, I want to share with you, the time I spent with designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. You know Martyn so I’m not going to go on with the big fluffy intro, instead, I want to tell you some things that you might not know…

Martyn is a major personality, that you already know. But did you know that he is a television producer and an actor? Sure, you’ve seen him on Million Dollar Decorators and Entertainment Tonight but did you he was on The Young and the Restless? True, he also has a passion for Hollywood, theater and set design. This explains a great deal about his theatrical design. Martyn loves to travel and he has recently designed a new boutique hotel in West Hollywood called, The Prospect. A project in which he shares his love for both old Hollywood and exotic destinations. Check out his remarkable hospitality design and listen to this episode… you will hear his design philosophy explained. Martyn and I met at his showroom on Melrose to talk about his participation in LCDQ’s Legends event.  He opened this store in 2017 and it is already a must-see destination on Melrose. We also discuss his window design, production of his eponymous design line and so much more. This is designer, producer, actor, traveler… Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Convo By Design is presented by a fabulous design partner, Walker Zanger. Visit any of their 14 beautiful showrooms across the country or visit them online.

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