Standing Out presented by WESCOVER | 395 | LIVE from the WestEdge Design Fair

I’m Josh Cooperman, this is Convo By Design and after 3 years, we’re back at WestEdge. Deep appreciative breath, a nod to all the work and those who participated and here we go…

Designer Resources

ThermaSol – Redefining the modern shower experience. Episode 271 featuring Mitch Altman

Article, great style is easy. It’s the best way to buy beautiful modern furniture

York Wallcoverings – Designed to inspire for over 125 years

Franz Viegener – Finely crafted sculptural faucets

Moya Living  Beautiful, durable powder coated kitchen, bath & outdoor kitchen cabinetry

The nod of appreciation is important because there were times in 2020 and 2021 when I wasn’t sure about the future of live events returning in large format editions. Don’t get me wrong, I love small gatherings and intimate events, but the big ones are exciting and add another dimension to what we can do, present and how we can engage with large groups at one time. That is also why I think it is so important to lead off with this talk, presented and sponsored by Wescover.

Find out how creatives from across the US are pushing the envelope through their innovative approach to design.  They will be joined by Kevin Wildes of Oakland based sustainable furniture brand Model No along with Dallas based textile artist Nosheen Iqbal and Austin designer, Kristin Martino of KozyKasa.  All these creatives share a passion for supporting local artisans, craftsmanship and sustainability.   Learn how these designers stand out by thinking outside the box and sourcing unique and thoughtfully designed products for their projects.

Featuring Kristin Martino, Kevin Wildes & Nosheen Iqbal and Moderated by Hilary Sessions

Hilary Sessions is a San Francisco Bay Area-based Marketing professional with decades of experience in interior design and business management.  She is the Head of Partnerships and PR for Wescover, a marketplace for authentically designed home decor.  Hilary also served as the Principal of Quarry Hill Consulting, a PR and Marketing firm serving the Interior Design industry.

Kristin Marino discovered her passion for design at a young age. Having moved multiple times before she was 18, Kristin found her creative outlet in decorating her bedroom in each new home. She describes moving numerous times as a blessing in disguise because she learned early on that there was a career path in her love for decorating. After earning her degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, she began working for several top LA-based design firms shortly after graduating. A few more moves and backpacking trips later, she accidentally settled in Austin, TX, where KozyKasa was born.



Born in Surrey, England, she moved to Texas in her mid-teens, Nosheen Iqbal received a BA with outstanding portfolio award in Communication Design from the University of North Texas. After graduation, she worked for Fossil for over a decade in design, art direction and finally as a lead watch designer. She has also worked for brands such as DKNY, Armani Exchange and a collaborative collection with Opening Ceremony whilst still at Fossil. She is currently a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of product design and development, illustration and graphic design. 

Nosheen Iqbals Pakistani heritage plays a dominate role in her choice of color, pattern and texture. Pakistan has a rich history of pigment dyeing and embroidery techniques which varies in each province and dates back further than the Mughal Empire. She is also heavily influenced by the intricate and interlaced patterns found Islamic Art. Taking key elements from the classical tradition, she elaborates upon them in order to invent a new form of decoration and design. 

Kevin Wildes has over two decades of experience in manufacturing, design, marketing, retail merchandising, and décor for some of the nation’s top companies and has worked extensively with startups on company formation and brand and product development. Kevin is a graduate of The University of Georgia with a BFA in Interior Design and earned an MBA from Kennesaw State University. Kevin has over two decades of experience in manufacturing, design, marketing, retail merchandising, and décor for some of the nation’s top companies and has worked extensively with startups on company formation and brand and product development. Motivated by sustainable design, he endeavors to explore solutions that result in a better life for us all. Model No.

Thank you Nosheen, Hillary, Kristin and Kevin for this amazing chat. Thank you WestEdge for having me out for this first edition in Texas.For those playing the home game, this is my 6th WestEdge Design Fair. I love putting these panels together for you and I’m really excited to see you again soon.

Thank you to CXD partners and sponsors; ThermaSol, Article Furniture, Moya Living, York Wallcoverings and Franz Viegener. Please make sure to check the show notes for links to each of these remarkable companies. 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to subscribe and listen to the show. I appreciate you. Until next week, remember why you do what you do and take today first. CXD

WestEdge Design Fair is BACK! Celebrating the Return with a Throwback to 2015 | 392 | Featuring Fu-Teng Cheng Called Translating Creativity Into Form

I’m Josh Cooperman, this is Convo By Design and I’m getting really excited about something. You know that excitement you felt when you were a kid and found out you were going to Disneyland, or on a big trip? Yeah, it’s kind of like that…

Why am I excited you ask? WestEdge Design Fair is coming up. I have not been able to say that for 3 years. I have been involved with WestEdge since year 2 or 3, I’m not completely sure, but its has been a while. The show is coming up September 16 through the 18 and it is the first edition in Dallas, Texas. In future episodes of the podcast, you will have the chance to hear from some of the country’s greatest design talent discussing issues of design that you might not have heard in the past, that’s the objective. It always has been. So, I want to share a past conversation from WestEdge in 2015. This features Fu-Teng Cheng of Cheng Design. I’m keeping the preamble brief here because I am going to include my thoughts from the original post. And you can tell it’s original by how my voice has changed. You know how weird it is when you hear yourself on a recording, it’s like that for me too. Enjoy this talk from the WestEdge Design Fair, 2015, right after this.

So there you go, fun right? And so interesting that these ideas were being shared in 2015, before the world changed. This is exactly why design trade events like WestEdge are so important. And you are either hearing this before WestEdge in Dallas so you can still attend, OR you are hearing this after the show has wrapped in which case, you will be hearing all the panels soon if they are not up already.Either way, make sure to check them out and make sure you make WestEdge next year in Dallas or the LA edition coming back to Southern California. 

Thank you to Convo By Design partners and sponsors; ThermaSol, Moya Living, Article Furniture, Franz Viegener, and York Wallcoverings. And thank you for joining me every week for these conversations. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And give yourself a mental hug right now because we are all living through some very interesting times. Personally and professionally. It has gotten much harder to do business, create wonderful and sublime spaces but remember why you do what you do and why you do it. Your clients depend on you to make their lives a little better. Check back here every week for more stories of design professionals and creatives who are doing this at a very high level. Get some new ideas and inspiration to take your firm to the next level. Until next week, be well and take today first. -CXD

Mentorship Master Class | 262 | Timothy Corrigan, Michael Berman & Genevieve Trousdale

The reason I love doing this podcast as much as I do is because of the amazing people I meet along the way. It’s as simple as that. In this episode of the show you are going to hear from three amazing designers and tremendous people; Michael Berman, Timothy Corrigan, and Genevieve Trousdale. The setting is WestEdge Design Fair and the top is mentorship. I have had the great fortune of interviewing each of them separately but I wanted them on stage so you could hear the story about the connection that binds the three of them together. This is a story about learning, teaching, sharing and collaborating. One of the greatest gifts that come from teaching is what the teacher learns from the student. This is story is very much about that.

That’s a wrap on this episode of Convo By Design. Thank you, Genevieve, Michael, and Timothy. Thank you WestEdge Design Fair for making a public forum possible. Thank you, Walker Zanger, for your support and most of all, thank you for listening. Were it not for you, there would be no Convo By Design. Until next week, keep creating.

What’s My Line | 259 | How to Create and Take a Design Product Line to Market

Resetting the scene for you, the WestEdge Design Fair was held, as it is every year, at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. These conversations were held in the Convo By Design Programming Lounge with custom designs from John McClain, Studio Akiko, Isbell Interiors and Julia Wong Designs. This conversation was transformative for a number of reasons. Interior designers, many if not most, want a line to call their own. That signature line not only creates an opportunity to do business outside of the design studio but it is considered by many to be a legacy proposition, something that extends beyond the design work.

As such, I wanted you to hear from power players in the space, and you are about to hear that conversation featuring Sue Firestone of SFA Design, Arch Interiors, Christopher Grubb, photographer, Gray Malin, designer Xander Noori, and designer Leslie Shapiro Joyal. This group was expertly questioned by journalist and editor, Alex Abramian. This group brings some serious firepower. Enjoy and be inspired.