Illuminated Ideas: Architecture and Lighting for A Modern Client | 442 | Charles Pavarini III

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with Charles Pavarini III.  Pavarini has reinterpreted the legacy of the Pavarini Construction Company, known for creating historic landmarks including the Seagram Tower, the United Nations, the State Theater at Lincoln Center, and numerous other landmark buildings in New York City and throughout the world. All of his projects hinge around a powerful central design theme and maintain a certain ‘vision’ which is always dramatically executed given Charles’ keen sense of color, style, and use of lighting as a ‘design tool’. Having sat on the board of directors of the Designer’s Lighting Forum of New York for twenty-five years, he has a refined approach to interior design always staged with strong focal points and exacting lighting technique to harness the artistic and architectural vernacular of the spaces he designs. His extensive experience in the Performing Arts as performer, costume designer and set designer qualify him to conceive projects of any scale and proportion with great dignity and an unmatched passion for mood. While that is the bio, it should also be noted that Pavarini co-authored a book that was featured on BookLook. His offering, Lighting Beyond Edison: Brilliant Residential Lighting Techniques in the Age of LED’s is truly a transformative look at what is possible in modern lighting and how it works to elevate the design and increase functionality.  We are going to cover this and a great deal more.

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This New York Based Architect Crafts Projects That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat | 426 | Wayne Turett: The Turett Collaborative

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with a conversation about architecture. The kind of architecture that, if you are a true fan, makes your heart race. It did mine Wayne Turett is. the force behind The Turett Collaborative. He and his team are reshaping New York and surrounding through the application of extraordinary architecture principles, new ideas and and a reimagined idea of what architecture is and can be. The work is imaginative, daring and the philosophy is sustainable. Everything from reshaped inner city dwellings to a ground up passive house. Outdoor playgrounds inside, inside living spaces outdoors and so much more.

Designer Resources

ThermaSol – Redefining the modern shower experience. Episode 271 featuring Mitch Altman

Moya Living  Beautiful, durable powder coated kitchen, bath & outdoor kitchen cabinetry

Design Hardware – A stunning and vast collection of jewelry for the home!

Wayne and I take a walk through quite a few of these projects and if you are so inclined, you can walk through them with us. As always, check the show notes for a link to The Turett Collective website project pages and we’ll explore together. What you are going to find is that Wayne’s firm takes the work seriously, but in that approach, find ways to reignite the imagination through the use of materials in unexpected ways, application of technique in a manner that is multifunctional and serves as multiplier against other materials and techniques. Space, flow, lighting, emotion and a clear passion for the work are evident in every detail. Can you tell I’m a fan? I am and I think if you are not already familiar with their work, by the end of this episode, you will be as well. The is Wayne Turett of The Turett Collective.

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Maryline Damour | 330 | Reinventing Yourself and Career Through Design – Much Needed Guidance and Strategies for Success

This is CXD with a conversation about design houses, collaborative partnerships and second careers. All things you have heard me talk about on the show before…but not like this…

Maryline Damour started her career doing business development with some of the biggest names in accounting and finance. Her desire for something greater led her back to school to study interior design at Parsons The New School for Design. Our conversation covers that journey as well as her experience growing up in Haiti where they are no strangers to living with disasters of all types unfortunately, and that experience has provided Maryline with a unique perspective on life and design. In this episode of the podcast, you will hear about that experience, meeting her business partner, Fred Drake and crafting their boutique design firm. 

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2020 Kingston Design House | 306 | High Style and Ingenuity in the Hudson River Valley

This is Convo By Design with a virtual visit to the Kingston Showhouse. Hey, are you as tired of the word ‘virtual’ as I am?

As tired of the word ‘virtual’ as I am, without the ability to have these conversations, we would not have access to designers and showcase houses in parts of the country like the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. The 2020 showcase includes work by; Ana Claudia Design, Ariana S. Winston, Jennifer Salvimini, KD Reid interiors, Patrick Ryan’s Office, Stone Ridge Landscapes, Damour Drake, Hendley & Co., Krishna Fitzpatrick, Lava Interiors,  This and That, and Jen Dragon. Maryline Damour of Damour Drake is the founder of this project and this is the third offering of this showcase home. 

On a personal note, 2020 presented all of us with a choice. Crawl up in a ball and shut down, or figure out how to reinvent ourselves, over and over again while we all struggle to figure out how to work through this and get back to life on the other side of this thing. This joint struggle has brought some of us closer together. Convo By Design has been reinvented over eight years of production. I was able to cover this relatively new design house and I’m really proud and happy to share this with you. 

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Thank you to all of the remarkable creatives that fought through extreme circumstances to bring this project home. Thank you Walker Zanger for your extraordinary partnership and thank you for listening. My goal is to bring you the stories behind sublime design wherever that may be. To share those stories, bring you business strategies to help you build a stronger firm and inspire you to do your most creative work. 

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