Maggie Griffin | 304 | Designing Atlanta with Southern Charm and A European Flair for Style

Maggie Griffin is a fabulous Atlanta based designer who has mastered the feel of Southern charm, yet fine-tuned her craft in Europe while studying in Florence, Italy. Her studies included the history of fabrics, retail marketing, and merchandising. With an obvious passion for her work and institutional knowledge and mastery of textiles, Maggie is able to craft her spaces for southern living with a European flair and that is evident in her work. Maggie, as a designer, has what I call the ‘full range of motion’ as it relates to the work from her Modern Atlanta Farmhouse to a charming Dutch Colonial with southern accents. You are going to meet Maggie, hear her story, and learn how it all comes together.

Thank you, Maggie. I loved this conversation. Some of my favorite parts include project exploration. That really is what it is, a deep dive into the design itself. Amazing. Thank you Walker Zanger for your partnership. Thank you for listening, thank you for subscribing to the show. Thank you for keeping me company in 2020 through the podcast. It is amazing to receive emails of support and show suggestions. This is it, the last episode of 2020. With this, we bid 2020 farewell and look forward to what has to be a better year. I wish you health, success, and the best year ever. Be well, and until next year, keep creating.