Perspectives on Salone del Mobile | 385 | Featuring Michael Cox, Kaitlin Madden and Jonathan Zanger LIVE from Hastings Tile & Bath

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design and following is a very special conversation that was recorded LIVE from the Hastings Tile & Bath showroom in the A&D Building, New York City. Live, in-person and focused on an event that we have been missing for years…

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The idea is a little different, we gathered at Hastings Tile and Bath to talk about Salone del Mobile, but before that, about a month before we met, I asked each of the participants to capture Milan in any way they felt demonstrated their experience. I really wanted their perspective and I wanted to try and experience it through their eyes so those that were not able to attend, could feel like they did attend.

With that, let me introduce the group. Michael Cox of Foley & Cox, Kaitlin Madden from Homes and Gardens and Jonathan Zanger, a commercial design, tile and stone expert. Check the show notes for video from this event where you can follow along AND share the images, descriptions and videos. So, let’s get to it. You’ll hear all about it, right after this.

That was so much fun!  Thank you Michael, Kaitlin and Jonathan. Thank you Bob Gifford from Hastings for having me out to share this conversation.  And thank YOU for listening to the podcast, subscribing to the show and for your emails. Its Summer in 2022 and travel is in full swing so you are going to be hearing episodes of the show from New York, Texas and LA events in the coming weeks and months. You are also going to be hearing episodes showcasing the work done on the 2022 Remote Design House – Tulsa. A project I am extremely proud of and really looking forward to sharing with you. Thanks again for taking part of your busy day to spend with me and the most wonderful designers in the world! Until next week, be well and take today first. -CXD

New, Now and Next | 304 | Stunningly Beautiful Hygienic, Sustainable Bathroom Design

This is Bob Gifford from Hastings Tile & Bath. We met at the WestEdge Design Fair in 2019 and had a nice long chat about marketing and business development in the industry. We also talked about the full-body air dryer they were promoting at the show. Ditch the towel, this mounts inside the shower. Such a simple thing really, but consider this. How often do you wash your towels?

At a time when cleanliness is of premium concern in an era where water conservation is both important and a remarkable source of financial savings. This is something that can be installed in the shower, by the pool and you can eliminate the towel completely. Bob and I met again a day later at the full-body dryer to see how it works.

Thank you Bob, that was fun. Next up is Director, North America for Franz Viegener, John Weinstein. The brand from Buenos Aires is crafting some amazing plumbing products. Check this out from John Weinstein of Franz Veigener…

Thank you Bob, thank you, John. What’s new, now and next… ways to make your bathrooms simple, efficient and like going to the spa, when you can’t necessarily go to the spa. Thank you Walker Zanger for your continued support of Convo By Design. Thank you for listening, downloading and subscribing to the podcast. Join in the conversation, follow along at Convo By Design dot com and Convo X Design, with an “X” on Instagram. Be well, and until next week, keep creating.