John McClain | 217 | Blending Styles to Achieve Chic, Collected Luxury

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Some designers have a signature look while others practice a signature process. Designer John McClain is a blender and bender of styles to achieve unique and unforgettable looks. John is bi-coastal with offices in Florida and California. His signature style really is in his approach which makes him truly unique and worthy of watching. I believe in the art forms that are design and architecture. When speaking with a designer like John, I am in my element because I can ask questions that might get a sideways look from another designer. I ask questions like these to break the information down into small bites, then rebuild a concept so the non-designer can understand it. I really enjoyed my chat with John. He knows the look he is trying to achieve which enables him to experiment a bit more and to me, that is where design gets really exciting.

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