3 Master Designers Who Break the Rules and Why You Should Too | 404 | featuring Mary McDonald, Suzanne Kassler and Thomas O’Brien

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design. Today, another look back at a fun and fantastic panel conversation from past design celebrations. This one, from La Cienega Design Quarters Legends 2019…

This conversation was recorded LIVE at the Circa Lighting showroom on La Cienega Blvd in 2019 . Here was the write up for it in the press materials… As any great designer will tell you, so of the best projects begin by throwing everything you think you know right out the window. Joanna Salz, Editorial Director of House Beautiful, gets three rule-defining designers, @MaryMcDonaldInc  @SuzanneKasler  @AEROStudios to admit some of their biggest challenges, their hardest earned triumphs , and those moments when, against all odds, they created some of their most spectacular work.

As someone who creates, produces and moderates panels, I can tell you first hand how hard it can be to try and craft a panel concept that hasn’t already been done a thousand times or is just another ho-hum idea. This concept was genius and one that I will try to riff off in the future. It was beautifully done and very well executed. Just for fun, I’m including the talk-up from the original episode.

Thank you Mary, Suzanne, Thomas and Joanna. Excellent work. Thank you LCDQ for allowing Convo By Design to present these incredible talks. Thank you CXD sponsors and partners, ThermaSol, Article Furniture, York Wallcoverings, Moya Living and Franz Viegener for your continued support. Of course, thank you for downloading, subscribing and listening to the show. Thank you for the emails of support and the guest submissions. I love them and it has allowed me to find some amazing talent to showcase. Please remember why you do what you do and for whom you do it. Designers, architects, artists, product designers, showroom managers, publicists, magazine editors, publishers, set decorators and everyone else that makes our industry stronger by the day, this show is for you. That’s why I do it. Thanks for listening. Be well, and take today first.