Reflecting on Summer Vibes and 4 Incredible Designers | 456 | Design Leadership LIVE from Design Hardware featuring; Lorena Pulichino, Jeanne Chung, Stephanie Hatten and Kim Colwell

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design. This Summer, I spent some time back in LA visiting with some very talented designers and I wanted to share some of those conversations with you. 

But first, you should know that if you are in LA and listening to this episode the week it was released, November 14th, the WestEdge Design Fair is happening RIGHT NOW and you should come down to Barker Hangar in Santa Monica and take in some of the incredible conversation being produced by yours truly. These are highly curated conversations that were crafted specifically for those in the trade as well as those who love design. So check out @ConvoXDesign with an “X” on IG and message me for more details and tickets. If I have any left, they’re yours for the asking. We’ll be right back with this weeks episode, right after this.

Designer Resources

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Thank you Stephanie, Kim, Lorena and Jeanne for your time, loved this. Thank you to Michele Solomons and everyone at Design Hardware for making this space available for having these important conversations. Thank you to my partners and sponsors ThermaSol, Moya Living and Design Hardware for your continued support of both Convo By Design and the design community. A side note, the sponsors and partners you hear on CXD are more than companies with a product, each of the partners I work with have been fully vetted, they are owned and operated by people who love what they do and have dedicated themselves to serving the design community and customers by providing the best products and services available. If you would like to know why I am so proud to have them part of Convo By Design, email me at convobydesign@outlook or on IG @convoxdesign with an “X”. I would be happy to share my experience. Please make sure you are also reaching out with show ideas and guests you would like to hear on the podcast. I love hearing them and it has given me the chance to meet new creatives not already on my radar, so thank you. Thank you for taking the time to listening to the show and share in the experience, until next week, be well and take today first. – CXD

2020 Pasadena Showcase House | 293 | Part One of a Four Part Series

This is Convo By Design with a four-part special from one of my favorite showcase projects, the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts presented in a whole new way. Of course, because it’s 2020.

I have put together a four-part special about the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts and this year’s presentation is vastly different from what you have become used to. This is a combination of live and phone recorded interviews with the designers from this year’s showcase. Live, yes, I did make the journey to the house, and while I saw it, I did not see every room, I spent the majority of my time by the pool, sadly working because like you, I could use a pool day. I didn’t get to really dig into every room as I usually do, but I did want you to hear from the designers of this year’s home and I am turning this into four episodes. This episode features:

Janinie Gregory, Stephanie Hatten, Chad Morrell from California Waterscapes and Greg Parker

There you go, check them out. Back to coverage from the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. This was so much fun, I love design houses and I know you do too. This year, Pasadena Showcase is going virtual and if you want to see their presentation, please go to Pasadena showcase dot org for virtual tour tickets and information.

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