Four Studio Heads with Over 100 Years of Combined Mastery at One Storied Architecture Firm | 336 | Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Today, you are going to hear from the fab four… of architecture. A bold statement, right? I stand by it. I am calling these four the fab four of architecture for the amount of respect I have for them and the body of work they have completed individually and as partners and studio heads at Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

Gary Brewer has been with RAMSA since 1989. Randy Correll since 1983. Grant Marani, since 1984 and Roger Seifter started with RAMSA in 1978, and became a partner in 1989. You don’t find tenure like this anymore for a number of reasons including, and probably most importantly there don’t seem to be many legacy firms. The business has changed, all businesses have changed in that regard. Movement from one to another firm is largely based on the principles of upward professional mobility and because there is an acceptance to the movement. But back to the conversation at hand. I spoke with Roger, Gary, Grant and Randy via Zoom. I would have preferred in person but we were right in the middle of the pandemic which made that impossible. I do look forward to a time when we can all sit down and go over some of their work in greater detail.

They were all joining in to discuss their new book, HOUSES which covers as its name suggests covers some of the firm’s residential projects. What struck me was, not the opulence and grandeur of each project, but the elegant comfort. Being the tactile person I am, I love the feel of pages in a book. I anticipate every turn of the page because I am really excited to see the next project and learn about the ideas, thoughts and inspiration that got these creators to finished project. There is elegance, there is opulence.. But more than that, you find a place for everything, everything in its place and not a single opportunity missed to make a statement. Sometimes subtle, sometimes grand, but always present.

You are going to hear about the work, their processes, inspiration and challenges. Four architects, 1 book and over 110 years of experience at 1 spectacular architecture firm.

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Thank you Gary, Grant, Robert and Roger. I loved our chat and look forward to doing this again. Thank you Walker Zanger and ThermaSol for your support and your partnership. And, thank you for listening, subscribing to the podcast and the constant support, texts and emails. Make sure to stay close now because we are very close to getting back to live events and I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces in person again very soon. And until then, be well and remember to take today first.