Michael Berman | 277 | The Showroom LIVE Presented By Walker Zanger

Michael Berman is multifaceted, ultra-creative, and always willing to share what he knows with others. Those are just a few of the things I appreciate most about Michael. But, what makes him truly remarkable as a designer is how well rounded he is. Michael is a highly successful designer with a highly successful design studio and multiple product lines in many different categories from furnishings to rugs to plumbing and of course, his Studio Moderne line of tile with Walker Zanger. Michael and I spoke as part of a distanced design series called The Showroom, a partnership between Walker Zanger and Convo By Design. We cover a lot of ground and talk about a number of amazing projects. Follow along as you listen to the conversation. Many of these projects can be found on Michael’s website, www.MichaelBermanLimited.com as well as on the Convo By Design YouTube channel. Enjoy this conversation by design with Michael Berman.

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Mentorship Master Class | 262 | Timothy Corrigan, Michael Berman & Genevieve Trousdale

The reason I love doing this podcast as much as I do is because of the amazing people I meet along the way. It’s as simple as that. In this episode of the show you are going to hear from three amazing designers and tremendous people; Michael Berman, Timothy Corrigan, and Genevieve Trousdale. The setting is WestEdge Design Fair and the top is mentorship. I have had the great fortune of interviewing each of them separately but I wanted them on stage so you could hear the story about the connection that binds the three of them together. This is a story about learning, teaching, sharing and collaborating. One of the greatest gifts that come from teaching is what the teacher learns from the student. This is story is very much about that.

That’s a wrap on this episode of Convo By Design. Thank you, Genevieve, Michael, and Timothy. Thank you WestEdge Design Fair for making a public forum possible. Thank you, Walker Zanger, for your support and most of all, thank you for listening. Were it not for you, there would be no Convo By Design. Until next week, keep creating.