Celebrating the LaCienega Design Quarter | 269 | Part 3 of 4

In 2019, Convo By Design was an official media sponsor of Legends. I cannot tell you how amazing this was for me and how saddened I was when I learned that because of the coronavirus pandemic, the event was canceled this year. I think what saddens me most is that I personally will miss seeing all my friends and I imagine that many of you listening feel the same way.

It has been such a joy sharing these interviews with you. This is the third of four in this series and you have heard from over half of the designers from the 2019 event. I want to invite you to head over to the Convo By Design YouTube channel to see these windows, these showrooms, and these designers.

So, I wanted to take a look back and share some of the amazing designers from last year’s event. My hope is that this gives you a little bit of joy, I will republish this in a series of episodes so you can hear all about the 2019 designs and showrooms whose windows served as the canvas for these amazing designers. I would also like to again remind you how special the LaCienega Design Quarter is and suggest that when this is all over, please go visit the LCDQ showrooms again.

Masa & Jon Kleinhample
Klein Agency
Los Angeles, CA.

Kristi Nelson
KM Nelson Design
Los Angeles, CA.

Gary Hutton
Gary Hutton Design
San Francisco, CA.

Tim Barber & Patrick Tennant
Tim Barber, Ltd.
Los Angeles, CA.

Drew McGukin
Drew McGukin Interiors
New York, NY.

Max Humphrey
Max Humphrey Interior Design
Portland, OR.

Julia Wong
Julia Wong Designs
Los Angeles, CA.

Chad Dorsey
Chad Dorsey Design
Dallas, TX.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design
Los Angeles, CA.

That is a wrap on this episode of Convo By Design featuring the amazing creatives who decorated and designed the windows of the LaCienega Design Quarter in 2019. I hope hearing from these creators brings you a little joy and I look forward to Legends of LaCienega returning in 2021.

Thank you LCDQ for having me, thank you Walker Zanger for your continued support, and thank you for listening to the show, downloading each podcast episode, and engaging through the socials. Make sure you never miss an episode of the podcast, ask Siri to help you, say, “Hey Siri, play Convo By Design podcast.” And she will! Thanks for listening and until next week, keep creating.