Cliff Fong | 406 | Wellness & Design Thought Leadership on The Artistry Behind Design

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with a look back at some of the conversations that I feel have shaped my current views of the design industry. Influencers creatives who directly impact the direction of our business. This is Matte Black’s, Cliff Fong.

Last week you heard from Cliff on a panel and this week, I wanted to showcase him exclusively from our conversation back in 2016. Cliff’s ideas about design, taste, style and their direct relationship to the work he does, for whom he does it are inextricably tied together. We speak about him as a design show judge and how that work differs form his views of design in the real world. I would argue these viewpoints are more relevant now than they were then because since the pandemic, haven’t most design professionals become a reality design show in some form or fashion? I would argue that most participate actively in the conversation now as opposed to that in 2016.

One of the other aspects to this that I hope you notice are the things Cliff does around the work, as in, not the work itself but how he thinks about it and you fill find a certain zen state in his approach that has truly influenced the approach I take to my own work. I can still do way better at that, but this really did help me and perhaps it can help you too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Enjoy my conversation with Cliff Fong from 2016, right after this.

Thank you, Cliff. Loved hearing this again. I remember it like it was last week at the Crestron showroom in the Pacific Design Center. I don’t think that showroom is there anymore, but it is here. Thank you to CXD sponsors and partners, ThermaSol, Article Furniture, York Wallcoverings, Moya Living and Franz Viegener for your continued support. Of course, thank you for downloading, subscribing and listening to the show. Thank you for the emails of support and the guest submissions. I love them and it has allowed me to find some amazing talent to showcase. Please remember why you do what you do and for whom you do it. Designers, architects, artists, product designers, showroom managers, publicists, magazine editors, publishers, set decorators and everyone else that makes our industry stronger by the day, this show is for you. That’s why I do it. Thanks for listening. Be well, and take today first.

Design Rebellion Redux | 405 | Patrick Tighe, Eric Chang & Cliff Fong: Rebels of Design from the Pacific Design Center in 2016

I’m Josh Cooperman, this is Convo By Design and today we are taking a look back at some previously incredible design events. We’re getting in the way-back machine and going to 2016, the Pacific Design Center for a conversation about design rebellion.

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This is a look back at a conversation recorded live in the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California in 2016. It’s a very strange experience for me to rerun past episodes will including the original open. My voice changes every year, just like yours does, and while I have gotten comfortable with the recorded sound of my voice, strange cadence and often tangential leaps, it is very odd hearing these older episodes. But, I do it because I started recording these conversations in 2012 for a 2013 Convo BY Design launch. I did it because, believe it or not, when CXD began, I was the only one there to record these events like this one featuring Patrick Tighe, Cliff Fong and Eric Chang, moderated by Erika Heet. I’m glad I did, I hope you are as well. We’ll get right to it right after this.

Thank you to this distinguished group. Loved it even more now than I did then. Like wine, art and architecture, a good conversation only gets better with age and I am so happy that I could share it with you.

Thank you to CXD partners and sponsors; ThermaSol, Article Furniture, Moya Living, York Wallcoverings and Franz Viegener. Please make sure to check the show notes for links to each of these remarkable companies. 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to subscribe and listen to the show. I appreciate you. Until next week, remember why you do what you do and take today first. CXD