Uncovering Unspoken Design Desires Using A Psychological Approach. | 431 | Tracee Murphy of Trade Mark Interiors

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design. Can you believe it has been 10 years doing this show, because I can’t. Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast. I appreciate you. Today, you are going to hear from Tracee Murphy of Trade Mark Interiors. We’re taking a deep dive into the phycology behind design. Why we do what we do, and how design informs those decisions as well as how those design decisions inform what we do.

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Tracee Murphy has built her firm on the principles of therapy and crafted a process to get to foundational basics in design. Not just an exploration in how her clients want to live but why, which can be the difference between wonderful design and transformational design. It all starts with listening, that’s the easy part. Understanding, processing what follows is where the magic lies. And you’ll hear all about that, right after this.

Thank you, Tracee. Loved our chat and appreciate the time. There is such value in the art of listening. And it is an art form. Thank you CXD partners, sponsors and friends ThermaSol, Moya Living, Design Hardware, the ICAA SoCal Chapter and The Oasis Alliance.

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Remember why you do what you do and for whom you do it. Let that be the thing that drives you to push the boundaries and let’s keep moving our industry forward. Be well, and until next week… Take today first. CXD