The Showroom featuring Tamara Rene Design | 315 | Producing Meaningful Design with (and for) Purpose and Joy

This is Convo By Design and in this episode of the podcast, we feature another installment of The Showroom, a partnership between Convo By Design and Walker Zanger featuring designer, Tamara Avila, the creative force behind Tamara Rene Designs in Seal Beach, California.

Tammy is the rare designer who also owns and operates a design showroom. Many designers think about opening a showroom, or more precisely, thought about it prior to COVID, but will be thinking about it again when things return to some sense of normalcy, whatever that means.

Erika Egede-Nissen, Marketing Director with Walker Zanger and I speak with Tammy about her firm, design style, trends in the design space and explore her work from a designers perspective. This is a deep dive into the industry and an exploration into the unique world of design and architecture.

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