2020 Pasadena Showcase House | 296 | Part Four of a Four Part Series

This is Convo By Design with a four-part special from one of my favorite showcase projects, the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts presented in a whole new way. Of course, because it’s 2020..

I have put together a four-part special about the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts and this year’s presentation is vastly different from what you have become used to. This is a combination of live and phone recorded interviews with the designers from this year’s showcase. Live, yes, I did make the journey to the house, and while I saw it, I did not see every room, I spent the majority of my time by the pool, sadly working because like you, I could use a pool day. I didn’t get to really dig into every room as I usually do, but I did want you to hear from the designers of this year’s home and I am turning this into four episodes.

This is episode 4 featuring; Jhoiey Ramirez & Jeanne Chung

This was so much fun, I love design houses and I know you do too. This year, Pasadena Showcase is going virtual and if you want to see their presentation, please go to Pasadena showcase dot org for virtual tour tickets and information.

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A Moment of Zen & Bold Bathroom Design | 275 | Jhoiey Ramirez of Studio Jhoiey

I love this conversation and I think you will too. It is with Jhoiey Ramirez of Studio Jhoiey and Mitch Altman, CEO of Thermasol. Jhoiey is an artist and crafts stunning design but this conversation we were focusing on bathroom design, making the bath both sublime and multi-functional This conversation studies a number of projects, most of which you can find at StudioJhoiey.COM. S as we talk about the projects, please go online and follow along. 

Thank you, Jhoiey and Mitch for your time and talent. For more about Jhoiey, please go to StudioJhoiey.COM. Thank you, Walker Zanger and Thermasol for your partnership and support of Convo By Design.

Speaking of which, you heard from Mitch Altman here, Mitch is the 3rd generation president of Thermasol. This company has been innovating and providing steam showers and saunas for over 60 years. That experience and knowledge has helped designers do their best work for their clients. This also allows designers to provide their clients with an amazing experience in the bathroom. We have been talking about designing for wellness, this includes chromatherapy, aromatherapy as well as entertainment options. Thermasol also provides the technology that really does create a smart shower, one that knows your preferences, and that allows for a customized shower experience. Discover the home spa with Thermasol. This is a company that has been doing it right for over 60 years, homeowners love Thermasol for the products they make and designers love Thermasol because they make it easy to specify and incorporate into any design you can imagine. Check them out at Therermasol.com