Michelle Boudreau | 284 | Modern Design in the Desert

Michelle Boudreau is a very skilled designer with an engaging personality. She makes her work seem absolutely effortless, and I can tell you first hand that when it comes to design houses, effort is one thing you must bring in abundance, like patience, a sense of calm determination and a thick skin. Having produced design houses, I can tell you that this is true and that Michelle checks off each of these boxes. 

Partnerships are key and this is how these projects become a reality.  They include Russo Studios lighting, JennAir appliances from Ferguson, Heather James Gallery provided the art, Minotti Italian furnishings from MASS Beverly, Design Hardware and Flooring provided a variety of hardware and fixtures for this home and so many other amazing details and you will hear about all of them here. This particular home captures a European modern feel in the middle of the desert.  And this fearless mosaic was created by Michelle and now you get to sear about how everything comes together. A request for those new to the show… Please follow us on Instagram, @ConvoXDesign, with an “X” and subscribe to the show so you never miss an episode. You can find us everywhere you find your favorite podcasts.

Thank you Michelle for your time and talent. Thank you Walker Zanger for your continued support for the show and THANK YOU for listening to the show. Were it not for you, there would be no Convo By Design so, thank you. Until next week, keep creating.

Saving Iconic Architecture | 276 | Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

I’m longing for the good ole’ days. January of 2020. It wasn’t that long ago but feels like an eternity since Modernism Week. I have known Ron and Jaime for quite some time and spoken to them about their design firm and their passion project, SIA, Save Iconic Architecture on numerous occasions. This was recorded in January 2020 from the California Closets showroom in Rancho Mirage and it’s being published in June 2020. Why is that important? Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the idea of home has become so much more important. The idea that a dwelling serves those who inhabit it in both form and function are of critical importance. This is really a great time to have this discussion because we are at the very beginning of what I believe will be a significant migratory period in our society. This pandemic and subsequent shut-down has made us rethink how we do…everything from work, school, daycare, home gym…you get it. I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds about that but instead, focus on saving iconic architecture. Ron and Jaime started SIA, Save Iconic Architecture to do just that. While we talk a great deal about significant architecture in major cities, like LA. There are opportunities to find architectural gems in outlying areas. Think about that and know that Ron and Jaime are not against development. They want to save these masterworks because that is what they are. Amazing works by noted architects, not limited to but including Neutra, Schindler, Frank Lloyd Wright, Wallace Neff, and Paul Williams. 

This is a conversation about great architecture. Identifying it and saving it when possible. Before we get to this, a quick reminder, you can catch every episode of Convo By Design by subscribing to the show on your device. You can also find every episode and extras like the Convo By Design Blog at www.ConvoByDesign.com. Did you know that Convo By Design has been telling the stories of design luminaries for 7 years now with over 276 episodes produced and listeners in over 60 countries around the world? It’s true, so if you are new to the show, go check out the episodes you missed as well as over two hundred videos on our YouTube channel.