You Will Love This – The Best Italian Inspired Modern Design | 249 | Jules Wilson

This episode features one of my favorite Southern California designers, Jules Wilson. Jules is the president of her eponymous San Diego design firm and like many of the designers and architects that I have spoken with over the years, she knew early on that this was something she was supposed to be doing. Growing up in rural, Rockford, Illinois she began dreaming of what she wanted her world to look like. It started with Legos and took her out of Illinois and to Italy to learn how classic cities were built. She subscribes to Picasso’s idea that modern philosophy begins with a basis in history. This is something you have heard on the show before. As I write this, I can recall hearing that from a few of the more successful creators I have spoken with so there must be something to it.

Jules Wilson and her design studio are crafting some of the most extraordinary California inspired design you will find anywhere. This is not to typecast or style-cast her work, those are my words. As I study her firm’s work, and I encourage you to look at the work as well… You see residential, commercial, multifamily, retail and it is all different but with some universal consistencies. Use of varied materials and products that all seem to have been coordinated to their environments from the foothills in Tempe, Arizona, the North Shore of Hawaii or a high rise apartment in Atlanta.

You wouldn’t know from her work, but she would rather be working in Rome or Milan, which I find fascinating. For someone at the top of her game, truly a master of the modern aesthetic within multiple sub-settings, living and working in San Diego, one of the most beautiful locations in the world to long for somewhere else… Well isn’t that what truly motivates us all to do our best work. I would say that anyone who is truly and completely satisfied in their current setting is not challenging themselves to reach their full potential. Not trying to get to philosophical here, but I do believe there is some truth to that. That is also what makes this conversation so fascinating. I hope you agree, this is Jules Wilson.