The Showroom featuring Bunny Williams | 338 | The Grace, Style and Powerful Ideas Within this Design Icon

After 8 years doing this podcast and many years prior doing interviews for Playboy, I don’t get star-struck. To the contrary actually. While hosting The Playboy Radio Interview for Playboy, I spoke with actors like Henry Winkler, bands like Dirty Heads and Drive By Truckers, strong personalities like Tom Sizemore and Governor Jesse Ventura. Artists and artisans alike and I always challenge myself to go beyond what you already know and bring you new ideas. That’s not always easy. Sometimes interview guests are focused on “talking points”, they want to stick to the hits. The Showroom is an interview series in partnership with Walker Zanger. We are in our second year of this series and it has been an absolute joy working with Walker Zanger and the guests who appear on the podcast.

The opportunity to sit down with Bunny Williams was one that meant a lot to me when booking her for the show and now listening back and editing our conversation. I wanted to bring you another side of Bunny Williams that you don’t find in the trade publications. The work speaks for itself, so I wanted you to get to know Bunny. Her firm, the history, importance on mentorship, lessons learned from Sister Parish and Albert Hadley. I wanted you to hear about the dogs that are of such high importance, regularly featured in and always present in Bunny’s world. The make a guest appearance.

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Thank you, Bunny. This was an honor and a joy. Thank you Walker Zanger for being such a wonderful partner and being an important part of The Showroom. Thank you, ThermaSol for your support and your partnership. And, thank you for listening, subscribing to the podcast and the constant support, texts and emails. Make sure to stay close now because we are very close to getting back to live events and I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces in person again very soon. And until then, be well and remember to take today first.