Looking at Art with A New Perspective on Happiness | 337 | Nine dot Arts

This is Convo By Design and today, we are taking about art. An impressive art consultancy with roots in Mobile, Alabama. That’s right, Alabama. Martha Weidman, CEO and co-founder of Nine Dot Arts, grew up in Mobile, Alabama and later, with co-founder and chief curator, Molly Casey, grew Nine Dot Arts into a really interesting art consultancy. You are going to hear about the origins of an arts consultancy that specializes in finding new voices, new stories and inspiration by taking that road less traveled.

I think that is more important now than ever before. Why? If all we expose ourselves to are the same voices, the same stories, how could we expect to learn something new. There are those who are happy knowing what they know and doing what they do. There are others who seek more. Seeking new inspiration is how we feed the soul and grow our professional perspective simultaneously.

Nine Dot Arts prides themselves on creating experience based on art and art installations. The beauty of art, to me anyways, is that you don’t have to like it to appreciate it. I have found that I can appreciate the experience, even if I don’t love a piece. That experience allows for mind expansion and inspiration, and for me, that affects my other activities. I find this priceless. And, it all starts with art.

Martha has built her firm on this and she is going to share how, and why with you. Are you subscribing to the podcast, if not, please do so you get every episode automatically when they are published. You can find Convo By Design everywhere you find your favorite podcasts and now, you can find us on DesignNetwork dot Org, a destination dedicated to podcasts, all things design and architecture so make sure to check it out.

Thank you, Martha. I appreciate your time and I love your story. Thank you Walker Zanger and ThermaSol for your support and your partnership. And, thank you for listening, subscribing to the podcast and the constant support, texts and emails. Make sure to stay close now because we are very close to getting back to live events and I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces in person again very soon. And until then, be well and remember to take today first.