She’s Got the Magic and That is What Makes it All Work | 446 | Glenna Stone

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design exploring the work of Philadelphia interior designer Glenna Stone. A very talented creative who said this, “I think of design as a magical process where something that didn’t exist suddenly does…and that’s what I love about what I do. I love developing a complete design, a 360 vision that considers the intentions of the client, the architecture of the space, and all the while artfully combining scale, balance, proportion, texture, and hue in a way that marries beauty and lifestyle. Great design is about walking into a space, and every single time feeling one thing: this is as it should be.”

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Glenna’s bio reads like this; Inspired by her mother, an artist and teacher, Glenna developed her sense of color and composition at a young age. She has always had a passion for combining color, materials and textures in an artful manner. Paralleling her creative side, Glenna embraced her strong technical skills and received a degree in engineering from Lehigh University. Upon graduation she worked for Fortune 500 companies as a consultant and project manager in the consumer products industry.

While achieving much success in this previous career, she felt the need to embrace her more creative side and began taking interior design courses at the Boston Architectural College and the Rhode Island School of Design. After much consideration, Glenna decided to combine her technical and creative skills and pursue a graduate degree in interior design. Glenna graduated from Drexel University with a Masters degree in Interior Architecture and Design. This specialized background and balance of left and right brain not only contributes to the success of Glenna Stone Interior Design, but also sets the firm apart within the industry.

Glenna prides herself on being an original thinker, a good listener with impeccable attention to detail, and someone who sees each project phase through to completion. As a cofounder of The Sustainability Nexus, sustainable design and giving back to the local community is of high importance. She finds her work as an interior designer exceptionally rewarding because it allows her to enhance the quality of others’ lives through design. (end of bio)

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