Bold Design, Crafted from the Heart with an International Perspective | 360 | Wellness & Design Thought Leadership with Laura Hodges

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By  Design with another installment of the Wellness & Design Thought Leadership Series presented by ThermaSol featuring interior designer, Laura Hodges.

Laura Hodges is the founder and principal designer behind the DC/ Baltimore  based Laura Hodges Studio. Laura has a unique design perspective, influenced by her Norwegian grandmother, British mother and Jamaican father. All these influences mix and blend international ideas with her own love of travel and the experience that comes from visiting iconic design destinations. Laura has degrees in business, interior design, LEED accreditation for practicing sustainable design, and owns DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio, a brick and mortar showroom where she can visually merchandise a space that is constantly changing while applying her chosen course of study. As with every installment of the Wellness & Design Thought Leadership Series, the objective is to bring you different perspectives from a variety of creators. This is no exception, this is designer, Laura Hodges.

By now, you have heard me telling you about our Convo By Design 2022 Remote Design House | Tulsa project. I am so excited to begin sharing more information with about this idea house. By the time you hear this, at least two spaces are well into install and another 2 are in pre-design. They will be published and shared with you as they are completed. At that time you will also get the chance to see how each room came together. Hear from the designers, hear about the process and see the finished project as well as the before and during snapshots. So now is a great time to make sure you are subscribing to the podcast. You can find CXD everywhere you get your favorite podcasts. 

Franz Viegener – I know you love talking about great partnerships the same way that I do. Let me tell you about an incredible design partner who is working with us on the Convo By Design Remote Design House | Tulsa project, Franz Viegener. A company created in 1899 in Attendorn, Germany. They started manufacturing brass beer taps. In 1921, the company expanded into Buenos Aires manufacturing brass faucetry. The company launched in the US in 1992 and Franz Viegener Premium Collection began in 2008. Franz Viegener crafts high-quality, premium faucets with one objective, to create a design-oriented, luxury product that exceeds the standards set by world-class designers and architects. If you see a Franz Viegener faucet, it is stunning. You use Franz Viegener faucets and they perform, flawlessly. Product you can depend on after over 120 years designing a truly stunningly good looking faucet line. For more information and to check out the entire line of faucets visit Franz Viegener dot com. 

Thank you, Laura. Not much makes me happier than deep dives like this! Thank you Walker Zanger for presenting Convo By Design. Thank you ThermaSol, Article, York Wallcoverings and Franz Viegener for your partnership. You are remarkable partners and amazing allies for the trade. And, thank you for listening, remember why you do what you do and that the business of design is about making better the lives of those we serve. Until next week. Be well and take today first.