True Meaning of Luxury with Australian Designer Katarina Barakovska | 479 | The Universality of Luxury in Interior Spaces

I’m Josh Cooperman, this is Convo By Design and today, we are taking a little trip. Actually, it’s a really long trip. About as far away as you can get really. We’re going to Australia. Yep. Down Under.

Katarina is a really interesting creative. One who says, on her website that during 2023, when this was recorded, she will take on no more than 6 projects. She has a simple and singular focus on luxury and what that entails in her design work. She defines luxury as a “richness” as it applies to the experience of living.  You are going to hear us talk about luxury quite a bit and what it means to her, how its applied in her projects and what her clients in the Americas, Asia and Australia are asking of her.

It’s an interesting idea, what does luxury mean by geographical standards? How does the definition of luxury change. Why is it so important? 

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Thank you Katarina for taking the time to speak with me. I love doing this and this is why it is so rewarding for me to share these stories with you.Thank you to my partners and sponsors, ThermaSol and Design Hardware for your continued and unwavering support of the show and for the design community.

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