The Design Messengers | 503 | An Extraordinary New Design Book from KAA Design Group, The PIRCH Saga Continues, An Architectural Pratt Fall and More!

I received something in the mail recently that brought a huge smile to my face, and I think it will do the same for you.

You might have surmised that this means another BOOKLOOK and you would be correct. There are very few things that I enjoy more than receiving a surprise package. It’s the simple things in life, am I right?  I received a parcel that contained the latest monograph from KAA Architecture, of whom, I am an enormous fan. I love their work, yes but I also consider Grant Kirkpatrick and Duan Tran likeminded, ideological compatriots. Both Grant and Duan have been on the show. I have spent a great deal of time with both and I will share something with you about talent, creativity and the willingness to extend ones comfort zone. KAA Design Group is a firm based on creative adventure. Based on solid fundamental principles of design and a joyful willingness to express new ideas. And you can hear their joy when they speak about what they do.  

You now understand why I was giddy with excitement to flip through this weighty tome. Weighty it is and also jammed with both creative expression and fundamental expertise in the field of architectural design.

The book is entitled Residing with Nature. It contains an interview with Grant and Duan that is insightful and telling what is to come in the following pages. 

They open with one of my absolute favorite KAA Design projects. TREE HOUSE based in La Jolla, CA.  This home is an extraordinary example of masterful site planning. Dimension and topography are exquisite. The vegetation surrounds and infrastructure compliments the entire footprint of the site.  The structure itself, concrete, wood and glass with a stunning Oak planted at the rear of the home also welcomes you upon arrival due to the size, scope and scale of the 300 year old specimen. Side note. As a woodworker, I love turning oak. I love working with oak because it’s grain is spectacular, with distinct rings and you can see the uniqueness from the inside, but also from the exterior as each oak tree is distinctly different in the growth pattern, gnarly bark and leaf clusters. This tree obscures some parts of the structure yet opens willingly to others for a high level of interest. this is what exceptional architects see and understand before a single form is built. This residence is exceptional in every way. This book gives the reader a look inside the thought process that led to its creation in image and carefully selected text. I imagine the same care went into every line drawn.

Another exceptional example of the true essence of the work lies in the Tower Grove residence. An exceptional example of site management combined with extreme engineering that makes this an absolute masterpiece in architectural design.

Both examples noted and throughout this entire book, you will find example after example of the symbiotic relationship explored, detailed and executed in the work of KAA Design. The book is available now, published by Rizzoli. Check the show notes for links to KAA, Rizzoli and to buy this book. I think if you are a fan of architecture, extraordinary design vision and sustainable building, you will love this as much as I do. Grant, Duan, well done. Congratulations.

Next up, some house cleaning and scatter shooting. Starting with updates, listen to the podcast for everything you need to know.

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WestEdge Wednesday No. Eight | 485 | Next Level Architecture and the Future of Residential Design

This is another installment of Convo By Design presents WestEdge Wednesday, a look back at all of the incredible programming from the 2023 edition of the WestEdge Design Fair held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. These conversations were held on the stage designed by Marie Designs and presented by BR Home. This is installment number 8 in our series, entitled Next Level Design and the Future of Residential Architecture. The idea of home is evolving in response to social, environmental and cultural changes. How do these changes and innovations affect dwellings built to accommodate current and future needs? Hear from this seasoned panel how modern materials, practices and a change in thoughtful design is leading to another golden age of architecture. This program features an incredible group, Alice Kimm from JFAK Architects, David Pascu of Abramson Architects, Bryn Garrett of EYRC Architects and this conversation is moderated by Duan Tran of KAA Design Group. Thank you to Convo By Design partners and sponsors ThermaSol, Design Hardware for making the podcast possible and thank you for listening and watching these episodes of the show. For links to all our partners, guests on this episode, WestEdge Design Fair, Marbe and BR Home.

For those not familiar …   The Banana Republic lifestyle brand portfolio is known for delivering timeless ready-to-wear styles, and BR Home signals the brand’s transformation into a leading destination for the modern explorer.  Expanding across living room, bedroom and dining room furniture as well as lighting, bedding, and home décor, BR Home showcases materials and craftsmanship from around the world, showcasing signature design details, warm, textural layers, natural materials and traditional production techniques. 

Please check the podcast show notes for links and you can find that at Convo By Design dot com and click the podcast tab. Thanks for watching and listening. CXD