Lone Star House of Design | 10 | Shelly Rosenberg

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Lone Star | House of Design, produced and distributed by the team that brings you Convo By Design with another story about design and architecture from the Great State of Texas featuring Dallas based designer, Shelly Rosenberg and a chat about meaningful and universal design…

Shelly Rosenberg is a kind, purposeful and caring person and these also are core values in her work. Shelly is an advocate for those that need more specialized care and attention to their surroundings. She gives of her time freely to many organizations like Dwelll with Dignity and The Rise School in Dallas which serves children with disabilities and special needs. Shelly is also somewhat of a treasure hunter around Texas and the southwest. So, settle in, start your run, workout or journey through the virtual design center you’re visiting as you listen to this episode with designer, Shelly Rosenberg. A favor as you do, if not already, please subscribe to the show so you you don’t miss an episode of Lone Star House of Design or Convo By Design.

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