The Future of Real Estate for Those That Love Design | 250 | SUPRSTRUCTUR

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design… with an episode featuring a company proposing a new concept in architecturally significant real estate. While this is not a new idea, theirs is a new approach. I sat down with Jack Byron Founder & CEO and Charlie Byron, Founder and Marketing Director. We discussed the business and we also talk about the challenges that face the design and architecture communities here is Southern California as it relates to the availability of architecturally significant properties, their value, scarcity and the value of the dirt underneath them. When the dirt is worth more than the structure, treasures will be lost, and they are, at a na alarming rate.

This is an interesting idea when you consider that the company was not created to drive pure real estate deals, it was created to specialize in design differentiation, significance and specialty.

Jack and Charlie know if what they speak. Jack has worked for Sir Norman Foster, Phillipe Starck and Dame Zaha Hadid while Charlie worked in marketing shops for brands like BMW, Google, Hulu and Procter & Gamble. So, understanding that Real Estate is equal parts passion, psychology, commodity and marketing, these two understand the basis for founding a company like this. In this conversation, you will hear each concept explained as it relates to this endeavor, they is Suprstructur.

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World Class Design with Monika Haefelfinger | 235 | XTEN Architecture

Monika Haefelfinger is the president of XTEN Architecture. She is Swiss born, daughter of an architect, alum of USC and Columbia and holds a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design. I absolutely loved my chat with Monika and I hope you do as well. This journey you and I take each week together allows us to explore all avenues of design and architecture. I always learn something from these and this. Monika and I talk about Swiss/ California compare and contrast, diversity in design and some of her remarkable projects.

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