Sandra Vlock | 310 | Transformation, Following Your Passion and Taking A New Path

What if you decided to abandon your profession to follow your passion, what would happen? You know you’ve thought about it. Who hasn’t thought about ditching the job to do what you love. I say that knowing most of you listening are in the design and architecture industry and having spoken with so many of you, know that you love what you do, even so, I also know many have that secret talent, that passion to do something else. Yes, It’s scary.

Sandra Vlock is an architect by education and an artist by choice. She had a moment of clarity after receiving 2 58” mooring bouys and then sculpting them into highly detailed fire pits. Crafting one thing into another, and watching that craft a feeling, an experience with fire. This is a conversation about personal and professional growth and following your passion where it takes you.

Thank you, Sandra. Thank you Walker Zanger for your extraordinary partnership and thank you for listening. My goal is to bring you the stories behind sublime design wherever that may be. To share those stories, bring you business strategies to help you build a stronger firm and inspire you to do your most creative work.

For more, please follow us on Instagram @ConvoXDesign with an “X”, check us out at Convo By Design dot com. Until next week, be well and keep creating.