Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design | 292 | A Fresh Perspective

Caitlin Murray is the founder and creative director of Black Lacquer Design. Murray cut her teeth in the industry working for high profile firms, House of Honey and MASHstudios. So, when the time came for her to hang her shingle, she did it with confidence knowing that she did the work and knows her craft. Every week we meet and you hear the story of another creative doing amazing work. In these conversations, we talk about the work, but most importantly, we talk about the journey. Every creative has their own story because we all walk our own path. If we’re lucky, we don’t walk it alone. We have people who influence us along the way, who guide us, who provide inspiration. Yes, we talk about the work on this podcast because it is important, but even more important is the journey. I love bringing you these stories. Here is another that I think you will appreciate with Black Lacquer founder, Caitlin Murray.

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Thank you, Caitlin, loved this. Thank you Walker Zanger for your continued support and thank you for listening.

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