The Novogratz | 386 | Building a Family Design Empire, One Building Block at a Time

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with one half of The Novogratz, a husband and wife team crafting and cultivating a truly unique design brand. I spoke with Courtney Novogratz about life, family and design, and not necessarily in that order…

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The Novogratz design brand is just that, a brand with so many offshoots it makes the mind spin. It spins because if you do the math, and I encourage you to do this, listen to all the brand extensions and offshoots in which she and husband Robert engage. If you try to imagine filling all of this into days and weeks, the time doesn’t match the ambition. Between family, travel, the store, the design and developments… Okay, there is a lot packed into the following chat so let’s get to it.

Thank you Courtney. Loved our chat, next time we have to have you and Robert on together. That will be fun.  Thank YOU for listening to the podcast, subscribing to the show and for your emails. Thank you to CXD partners; ThermaSol, Article, York Wall Coverings, Franz Viewgener and Moya Living for your partnership! Coming up on the show in the next few months…You are going to be hearing episodes showcasing the work done on the 2022 Remote Design House – Tulsa. A project I am extremely proud of and really looking forward to sharing with you. Thanks again for taking part of your busy day to spend with me and the most wonderful designers in the world! Until next week, be well and take today first. -CXD