Modern Textile Creation & Manufacturing, A Creative Approach to Disruption | 378 | Kathryn Sanders of Western Sensibility

Hello creatives, If you’re new, welcome, if not, welcome back to Convo By Design. This journey of ours in search of amazing design, architecture, furnishings and art is in its 9th year now and I am so happy that you’re joining me for another episode.

I recently took a trip. A journey back to Los Angeles for the latest installment of Legends, presented by the La Cienega Design Quarter. Saw some old friends and made a few new ones.  It is the design events that remind me just how special our industry is and while I love design just like you, it’s not the work that makes the industry so special, it’s the people. That is why I love to focus on the stories. Like this one featuring Kathryn Sanders of Western Sensibility. We are talking about textiles. And next generation textiles at that. Kathryn is changing the way textiles are designed and produced. Small batch, custom prints, and state-of-the-art production techniques that make turn-around times faster and digital production that makes new collaborations possible without the long timelines and extensive cost. This is Western Sensibility’ Kathryn Sanders.

Designer Resources

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Franz Viegener – Finely crafted sculptural faucets

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Thank you, Kathryn. Thank you ThermaSol, Article, York Wallcoverings, Franz Viegener andMoya Living for your partnership and support. You are remarkable partners and amazing allies for the trade. 

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