Sharing the Love. American Made X Hand | 398 | Ian Love

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design, a podcast for the design and architecture community. Today on the show, you are going to hear from Ian Love, interior designer, musician, and designer of functional art. 

You might have noticed that this year, I am introducing you to more artisans than in years past. That is because these artisans need some exposure to specifying designers and because designers need access to new creative types.  

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I’m not anti-establishment. As a matter of fact, I am pro-establishment, when run smoothly and properly. In the A&D industry, the establishment is mostly made up of the trade magazines. The majority of major brands continue to use the trade publications as their primary source for deployment of their advertising and marketing funds. At the same time, over the past few years, many, not all, but many of the trade publications have cut down on editorial page counts, furloughed or outright fired much of their editorial staff or simply chose to focus the remaining editorial focus on celebrity and celebrity designers in the hopes that will raise awareness and profile leading to more ‘buzz’. That may be true. And, I’ll take it one step further, that may be a good thing. Design is universal in that good design makes life better, full stop. Exposure to good design can’t be a bad thing. But the majority those who would like to upscale their design don’t live in $35 million homes, they can’t spend $500,000 on their new kitchen and they might never be able to afford a celebrity designer or live in their Malibu home while the Aspen house is being redone. 

But the majority of working design professionals today are neither celebrity designers nor starchitects and they produce exceptional design that nobody but those living with it will ever see, except if you listen to CXD. I want you to know the really interesting creatives out there and assist designers as they look to identify and specify new work. Like that of my guest today, Ian Love. You’ll hear his story right after this.

Thank you Ian for taking some of your time to share your story. Special thanks to CXD sponsors and partners ThermaSol, Moya Living, York Wallcoverings, Franz Viegenr and Article Furniture. Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to listen to Convo By Design. I produce this show for you. Those in the design industry to hear what others are doing and hopefully provide you with some inspiration to do that thing you do. Remember why and for whom you craft and create. Please subscribe to the show so you don’t miss an episode, you can find us everywhere you get your favorite podcasts. Thank you, have a great week and take today first. -CXD