The Showroom featuring Cara Woodhouse | 349 | Illustrious and Innovative Design that Both Inspires Creativity and Captures the Imagination

This is Convo By Design with another installment of The Showroom presented by Walker Zanger featuring Cara Woodhouse, a multifaceted creative with exceptional vision and use of shape, color and negative space in her work which leads to an original aesthetic bolstered by her own unique approach to design. If you’ve listened to the show for any amount of time, you know by now that I don’t just say nice things to be nice. From my perspective, because I only speak with creatives whose work I admire, for me, the conversation about the work itself is an exploration. A journey to extract the ideas behind the work itself to better understand how it all comes together.

Woodhouse painted wood to look like black and white tile to fit a space and in doing so, made it look like a performance instead of trying to make it exact. Her rugs spill into spaces like a toppled milkshake. At times I found myself looking at her spaces that don’t appear detailed at first glance yet every time I went back, I discovered something else I hadn’t noticed prior. That is a magical quality that some designers posses that makes their work so special. Cara Woodhouse is one such designer. And we explore her work here, in The Showroom presented by Walker Zanger.

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Thank you, Cara. Thank you for your time and talent. Thank you Walker Zanger for your continued support of Convo By Design and ThermaSol, you guys are remarkable partners. Thank you for listening. Without you, what’s the point. As you may have noticed, Convo By Design is bringing you design talent from all across the country. It’s not just about LA and New York, but Las Vegas, Austin and Philadelphia. We are so rich in talent that sometimes, we miss some of the gems. Keep those email coming, email me with show suggestions and feel free to suggest a designer, architect or other creative you think the editorial team should be aware of. Thanks again for listening, remember why you do what you do and that the business of design is about making better the lives of those we serve. Until next week, be well and take today first.