A Spring Back to the Pacific Design Center in 2015 | 377 | The Capitals of Style

Hello Creatives, If you’re new, welcome, if not, welcome back to Convo By Design. This journey of ours in search of amazing design, architecture, furnishings and art is in its 9th year now and I am so happy that you’re joining me for another episode. A special episode, a throw back if you will.

Every so often, I try to bring back past conversations so you can hear them again and this one is special. It was recorded live at the Pacific Design Center in 2015. It was called Capitals of Style and featured, Jane Hallworth, Ashley Hicks and Vincente Wolf. Moderated by Dan Rubenstein,  with a forward by Jeff Sampson, then VP of Marketing for the PDC and whom many of us in the SoCal design community miss dearly.

I wanted to republish this one because while travel has always been a top influencer of designers, travel is now so hot again it is time for both discovery and re-discovery. It’s time to recharge the batteries. It’s time to get out and while you’re at it, to go and see some world class design and architecture. Something tells me this conversation from 7 years ago holds as true today as it did then. Enjoy.

Thank you, Jane,Dan, Vincente and Ashley for participating in this conversation.Thank you to the Pacific Design Center for your many years of partnership and collavboration. Thank you Jeff for putting this panel together and casting it so masterfully. You are missed. Thank you ThermaSol, Article, York Wallcoverings and Franz Viegener and Moya Living for your partnership and support. You are remarkable partners and amazing allies for the trade. 

And, thank you for listening and subscribing to the podcast. I know you already know this, but… there are literally hundreds of past episodes of Convo By Design that you probably haven’t heard, especially if you are new to the show, so go check them out.