Repping ATL with Beautiful Work in an Emerging World-Class Design Destinations | 447 | Andi Morse of Morse Design

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design Today, I’m speaking with Atlanta based designer, Andi Morse about balance, vibe and having it all. Or getting as close to it as one can.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Andi is married to her college sweetheart and the mother of three daughters. Family comfort is the central influence to her interior design philosophy, and one of the core values of Morse Design. One’s home must reflect the lifestyle of the occupants and resonate with both beauty and functionality. Her passion for creating comfort and style with a southern elegance and grace drive her creative vision. Nothing makes Andi feel better than the happiness on a client’s face at the end of a project. That’s in the bio. What isn’t mentioned in the bio are the finer nuances in her approach to the work. There is a fun-elegance to the work that appears to be evident in every space regardless of size or color palate. Her approach is layered and collected. You will see an active pursuit of joy and that is one of the things I think I love most about her work. I think you will too.

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