Cutting Edge Concepts Behind Designing for Wellness | 425 | Live from WestEdge Design Fair Dallas Edition feat. Shelly Rosenberg, Philip Vanderford and Christina Garcia-Lysaught  Moderated by Brenda Houston

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with a panel conversation recorded live from the WestEdge Design Fair, Dallas edition. This conversation was entitled, Designing for Wellness Inside and Out | An Exploration to Stunning Holistic Design that Connects Inside and Out with Those Who Inhabit the Space.

I envisioned this conversation as one that would open new avenues of thought for a southern and midwestern audience. Having spent a great deal of time recently in both the midwest and south, I can tell you that the ideas of wellness are different. We’ll get to that a bit more in a minute. First, I wanted you to hear how this concept was presented. Here is how this panel was billed and whom it featured.

The concept of ‘healthy design’ is a constantly evolving idea as new technology comes to market and the ideas behind living healthy change. In years past, it was low off-gassing materials and VOC paints, then sleep chambers crafted for a high quality sleeping experience. As the pandemic continues to change the way we live, so has the idea that defines what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Crafting luxury living both inside and out has become a universal goal to capture as much usable space while exploring ways to make that space perform in new ways. 

Featuring Shelly Rosenberg, Philip Vanderford and Christina Garcia-Lysaught  Moderated by Brenda Houston.

Simple and elegant, yet as you are going to hear, ideas about wellness change dramatically based on who you ask.  This group was cast with purpose. Each participant was hand picked for the individual superpower they possess and if you have listened to the show for a while, you have heard from each of them. Philip Vanderford of Studio Thomas James, Christina Garcia-Lysaught of Layered Dimensions and Shelly Rosenberg all bring a different perspective to this idea of what “wellness” means right now as it informs their work on behalf of their clients.  Check the links in the show notes to see their work, you’ll see what I mean. To moderate this conversation is Brenda Houston. Brenda is what I call a hybrid-creative. She works in a number of verticals that range from design to retail to product design which makes her the perfect person to bring out the gems from this highly-skilled group. You are going to hear all about it, right after this.

Thank you Christina, Shelly, Philip and Brenda. Fabulous job. I loved this and appreciate your taking the time to do this and sharing your expertise and insight. Thank you to CXD partners and sponsors including ThermaSol, Moya Living, Design Hardware and the WestEdge Design Fair. Thank YOU for taking the time out of your day to download, subscribe and listen to the show. I appreciate you and I hope this show helps you do that thing you do better. For more information about the show, about what we do here at Convo By Design, check the show notes for links and ways to connect. Until next week, be well and take today first. -CXD