Lone Star House of Design | Pulp Studios – One Firm, 2 Cities & Sublime Design

This is Lone Star House of Design a showcase of divine design from the great State of Texas featuring Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry, the design team behind Pulp Studios.

When a design team captures market share in two states, typically, it’s New York and LA or San Francisco. This design team behind Pulp Studios has targeted Dallas and Seattle. Two cities with gaining momentum and exploding populations prior to COVID, but post-Covid, these two cities are pulling in new residents from the likes of LA, New York, and San Francisco. Beth and Carolina have established their brand with a mission. That is to deliver style and luxury to those living in such unique metropolitan cities.

For me, this was a really fun conversation because I went to college in Washington state and spent 9 years living in Dallas so this was a fun journey for me. This conversation delves into the details and logistics behind building a multi-city design firm.

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