Wellness & Design Thought Leadership Series | 311 | The Business of Design

This is Convo By Design with something you need right now, business strategies that will help you take your design business to the next level. Wellness and design thought leadership presented by ThermaSol.

I wanted to give you something to start the year off right and in doing so, partnered with ThermaSol to bring you a series covering high concepts with actionable strategies you can use starting today. As we enter 2021 and think to the future, we should also take some time to consider our business model, executing those brand extensions we have been pondering for the past 10 months. Let’s do that smartly. Let’s deconstruct the many different business models and ideate best practices, expectations from trade partners and manage the expectations of clients. Can we promote with intellectual property integrity, extend our services beyond the traditional word of mouth without overextending the small but loyal team? Expand delivery window, promote research and development, eliminate getting shopped by clients and expand our creative horizons.

This conversation features Dirty Girl Construction’s Joan Barton, John McCulley of McCulley Design Lab and designer, Ray Langhammer. I enlisted the skillful and incredibly talented Christopher Grubb to moderate this conversation. This is The Business of Design, part of the Wellness and design leadership series presented by ThermaSol.

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