Inspiration From Amazing Set Decoration | 233 | Kelley Burney

It has been too long since we spoke to a set decorator here on the podcast. I love speaking with set decorators as much as I do designers and architects, want to know why? Theirs is a business where you can’t say ‘no.’ Can’t get that sofa in that color? Too bad, figure it out. Need a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired lamp for the library shoot? Go find it. At the same time, there is no specific client that is going to tell you it’s not right. Sure, there are producers, a director, a DP, actors, fans and your work is going to be seen, most likely by millions of people… no pressure.

Kelley Burney has a long list of credits including The American’s, American Made and Precious. She is a member of the Set Decorators Society of America and knows pressure. if the audio sounds a little wonky, it is at times. I had to record with Kelley via Skype and we made it work, because that is what Set Decorators do. Listen for tips and strategies used in set decoration that also ally to interiors. Very similar, really.