LEGENDARY Conversations From the LaCienega Design Quarter | 6 | Clutter Can Be Cool

I’m Josh Cooperman, host and publisher of Convo By Design. This is another episode of Legendary Conversations, stories, events and intimate chats with legends of design. This conversation, Clutter Can Be Cool, was moderated by Introspective Magazine Editorial Director, Anthony Freund and features an all-star cast of creatives including Thomas Jane, Kerry Joyce, Tom Stringer and Mary McDonald.

The panel is called Clutter Can Be Cool and you will hear a certain amount of displeasure launched at Marie Kondo. And I understand. I think Kondo’s organizational techniques and ideas have been helpful to so many, at the same time, I do understand why so many in the design community take issue with her philosophy. Listen for a great point made by Freund about Kondo’s ideas regarding minimizing the number of books one collects yet she is an author. Design is personal, design is experiential and those who love to be surrounded by things don’t want to be told that to be happy, you must limit the number of things in your life. This is a great chat about stuff and things. The type of things that make for extraordinary design. To the best of my abilities, as design enthusiast, I can’t imagine design without things. At the same time, there is beauty in the ‘edit’. Please follow the show on iTunes, YouTube and through social media. I’ll let the experts take it from here.

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