Genuine Article : A New Era of Trade Programs | 234 | Jillian Cross / Trade Program Manager

There is a trend developing in the design space and it is really pretty exciting. Many manufacturers and showrooms have warmed to the idea that designers and architects don’t have the time to research every company that has a product. The majority of creatives that I speak with rarely have the time to research for research sake. Most I have spoken with look for products that fit the projects they are working on at the time. The internet has brought far more input from clients who will search Pinterest or Instagram, find something they love, a color, an Eames Lounge Chair or a tile, tag their designer add an emoji and repeat a dozen more times. That doesn’t always help. Sellers are starting to do more to help on the service side and this is not going unnoticed. It’s working. It’s generating new sales which only leads to higher levels of support. That is the way it is supposed to work.

A few months ago, I started working with Article. This is an online only furniture company. You have more than likely heard me telling you about them and what they do. I invited Jillian Cross, Trade Program Manager for Article to come on the show and explain the theory behind the trade program. I wanted to know how it worked, not form a percentage standpoint but what makes a company divert assets to this type of program. And if it’s working, which clearly, it appears that it is, what’s next for designers from a customer service standpoint. wouldn’t it be nice having someone wait on you for a change? This is Jillian Cross, telling you about the development of a trade program that was crafted to generate more sales for Article by helping designers.

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