Cynthia Lambakis | 208 Navigating Creative Partnerships and Owning the Role of Advisor

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“One of the benefits of being an advisor is, you already know how long things take.” – Cynthia Lambakis

When you do a show like this long enough, like watching any family or group of friends, you see new partnerships form and others go away. This is a subject we have not talked about on the show and I am a little surprised. This episode features interior designer, Cynthia Lambakis. Cynthia is a returning guest from episode 63, I think. I was touring the Pasadena Showcase House of Design in 2016 and spoke with Cynthia and her design partner Samantha, both parts of Ederra Design. Now, Cynthia is out on her own, building her solo design studio. It reminds me that at one point, before Convo by Design, I was working on a different project and had a split with a creative partner. I learned some really powerful lessons about knowing when and why to walk away, what happens after and how to move on.

Cynthia and I talk about those same ideas in addition to her amazing sense of style, design ideas, approach to kitchen design and outdoor spaces. We chat about the frustrations in working on social media how to make the most wonderful design from the good bones of older architecture. Enjoy this conversation with interior designer, Cynthia Lambakis.

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