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It’s happening… There is a transformational shift taking place in the design house space. It’s a mash-up of the traditional idea of a design house and a reinvented version of the model home with its roots in Southern California architecture dating back to the 1950’s and 60’s. As LA’s architectural engine was powering up, ‘tract homes’ became a thing. The concept was simple, take use swaths of land and fill it with homes built from a handful of layouts. Provide different color and material options so the customers can feel like they are getting something custom. Then, take one model and dress it out. Create a one of a kind aspirational space that really showcases what this home can become. Add in all the bells, whistles and custom features everyone would want. That really led to the modern show house and design houses to which we have become accustomed.

Recently, some brave developers and ground breaking designers have teamed up to produce one-off model homes in the design house style. These homes are being used as event spaces, ideas houses while currently on the market which obviously affects design, architecture and traditional real estate. This new spin has created some really interesting partnerships like the one you are about to here. Brooke Gardner is an incredibly talented LA based interior designer and Rick Perkins is the brave developer and CEO of the Perkins Development Group. In this episode, we walk through the house and give you an inside look at a truly unique and amazing space. First up is Rick and later in the episode, you’ll hear from Brooke. You are going to get two very interesting perspectives on the same project. This is really a ‘he said, she said’ study but instead of it being that of male/ female, it is developer/ designer. They both took different creative ideas to get here and as you’ll see, they work incredibly well together. The Starview House is located in the hills above Brentwood. The home and the views are amazing! You can see more by going to our YouTube channel, instagram and twitter.

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