Design Rewind: feat To Live and Design in DTLA from WestWeek 2016

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This was originally published in two parts, episodes 67 and 68. It was March 23, 2016 at the Pacific Design Center for WestWeek. This conversation called To Live and Design in DTLA was moderated by Carlo Caccavale, Associate Director, AIA Los Angeles.

Downtown LA was changing, rapidly and the world was beginning to notice. This panel included some of the very participants in this revolution, they include Erin and Ian Besler of Besler & Sons, Lawrence Azerrad of LAD Design, Loryn Napala and Monica Opaskar of Untitled Mondays and Spencer Nikosey of KILLSPENCER, along with A+D>Architecture and Design Museum’s COME IN! DTLA Curator Danielle Rago who engage with Carlo as they explore the DTLA influence on traditional forms of architecture, art and design, and the allure it offers creatives in converting derelict downtown structures and the very essence of DTLA into an exciting, immersive live/work art space.

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