Daring in Design. Taking Risks. Standing Out | 476 | Laura Thornton

I’m josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with a conversation with designer Laura Thornton about streamlining the design experience. And, this one hits very close to home. As I have mentioned on many occasions, I am working on the Tulsa Remote Design House. This is a real project, working with real designers who do not come to Tulsa. Their work is virtual and remote while the project is real. The experience of design is everything. Right?

What goes into providing a wonderful experience for those who provide design and architecture services? What is more important a wonderful experience or the finest products and materials? Sometimes, there are choices that need to be made in which one must choose one over the other. There is a quote on Laura’s website, “I have two things I live by: Buy things you love, they will never tire + Classics never go out of style.” But if you scroll the ‘gram, all you hear about are trends and what’s hot versus what’s not. We’re not going to be talking about that so, tune out the noise and enjoy this conversation with designer Laura Thornton. 

Thank you Laura for taking the time to speak with me. This is why I love doing this and why it is so rewarding for me to share these stories with you.Thank you to my partners and sponsors, ThermaSol, Design Hardware for your continued and unwavering support of the show and for the design community.

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