Seamless Storytelling Through Spectacular Design | 471 | Anne Michaelsen

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Anne Michaelsen and I first met at the apex of the pandemic. I went and shot her project in Newport Beach, California. One of the things that immediately struck me when I first walked in was just that, the seamlessness in the storytelling as told by the design. The home sat on a plateau overlooking the Pacific Ocean with zones from outdoor cooking to one of the most amazing sunken fire pits I have ever seen. Everything had its place and was connected to each other zone for an easy and meaningful transition to the next space. Most writers, journalists and others who cover the industry don’t speak enough or at all about the negative spaces that connect the feature areas. How the transitions add to the overall aesthetic, movement and functionality for the work. I love that part of the work and Anne is an absolute master in this regard. Enjoy my conversation with designer and visionary, Anne Michaelsen.

Thank you Anne for taking the time to talk. This is why I love doing this and why it is so rewarding for me to share these stories with you.Thank you to my partners and sponsors, ThermaSol, Design Hardware and Moya Living for your continued and unwavering support of the show and for the design community.

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