The Natural Desire to Create Pushed this Former Publicist Back Home Again to Her Love for Design, and It has Paid Off | 439 | Meghan Bassinger of Stevie Interiors

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with a conversation about transformation, both in interior spaces and individuals themselves. Meghan Basinger of Stevie Interiors spent the first part of her career in public relations before launching her firm in 2020. Great timing right? But it worked, and here’s why.

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Meghan Basinger launched Stevie Interiors in the summer of 2020. Do you remember the summer of 2020? I do. Not the best time to launch a new design business, or was it? You are going to hear all about it. Pay close attention to the ideas that embody the idea of blazing your own trail, making your own path and rushing towards something as everyone else is running away. The early months following the beginning of the pandemic, many designers thought they were going to go out of business. Then came the design revolution as everyone realized at the same time that their home was dysfunctional and needed the services of professional designers to fix it. This is a good place to leave it and let Megan take it from there. Enjoy this episode of Convo By Design featuring Milton, GA. designer, Meghan Basinger of Stevie Interiors.

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