The Creative Mindset & Artistic POV From the Heart of the Midwest | 364 | Lauren Johnson Design

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design. You have no doubt heard by now about the remote design house project I am working on in Tulsa. If you are curious about the state of design in Tulsa, this episode is for you.

Here we have another creative with a degree in something other than interior design or architecture. Marketing. She also received her degree in interior design as well, but marketing is almost a must-have these days. Lauren Johnson runs her eponymous firm in Tulsa Oklahoma with both a “creative mindset and an artistic point of view.” I like that because those ideas are open ended as it relates to creative endeavors. Tulsa is a very big small city and Lauren treats the city as a community from which the draws inspiration and gives back with soulful and meaningful design.

The design community is strong in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And it gets stronger with all the new residents who come to inhabit this amazing midwest city. The city is rooted in art deco architecture from the early 1900’s as the city grew into an oil and gas hub. With that growth, came the experimentation as tastes and styles changed. Essentially, this created an experimental design city. That changed a bit in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Growth began to stagnate in response to the oil bust. This is a really interesting study in how design trends and experimentation grow hand in glove with a city’s financial health. The city of Tulsa is growing rapidly. The 10 year growth rate is 5.4%. I would also call this a healthy growth rate, not the hyper-explosive rates of Austin, Texas or even Oklahoma City. Cities that grow too fast suffer the negative ramifications of an overheated housing market and increased competition for resources. That being said, the growth from outside is bringing in new tastes for design and architecture. And that is a good thing. You will learn more about how she works and what motivates Johnson right after this from our friends at ThermaSol.

Thank you, Lauren, I appreciate you. Thank you ThermaSol, Article, York Wallcoverings and Franz Viegener for your partnership and support. You are remarkable partners and amazing allies for the trade. And, thank you for listening, remember why you do what you do and that the business of design is about making better the lives of those we serve. Until next week. Be well and take today first.

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