Design Destination with Chris Goddard | 351 | Arkansas, Home to Stunning Design Style, Yes Really!

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design. We are making a virtual stop in another American design destination, Arkansas. I know what you’re thinking, I get it…Keep reading.

Sometimes, the heart and mind of a true pioneer allows them to see the opportunity right where they are and eliminate the journey altogether. Chris Goddard is one such design pioneer who happens to be based in Springdale Arkansas. Arkansas is, to many just another southern state they will never visit. If you are one of those individuals, I will encourage you to rethink that position. The state itself is home to some of the most beautiful wilderness anywhere in the world and a train that is perfect for creative design. Because he is based in Arkansas doesn’t mean that is the exclusive location for his work. He is an international designer with TV cred as well. We talk about his design journey beginning in Arkansas and extending out into international design. As you listen, pay special attention to his approach and philosophy regarding the work. You will notice some through lines in thought that directly reflects what many of the incredible talent has to say about the work. One lesson here is that you cannot judge great design by its location although many still do. The other is, as we emerge from this amazing and highly disruptive moment inn time, states like Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas provide a lower cost of living, higher quality of life and the same ability to work as LA, New York and Boston. For a fraction of the cost. It seems pretty attractive, right? Just wait until you hear Chris explain it.

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Thank you, Chris. I really enjoyed our chat and look forward to doing it again. Thank you Walker Zanger for presenting Convo By Design. Thank you ThermaSol for your partnership. You are both remarkable partners and amazing allies for the trade. And, thank you for listening. As you may have noticed, Convo By Design is bringing you design talent from all across the country. It’s not just about LA and New York, but Alabama, Louisiana and now, Monaco! Thanks again for listening, remember why you do what you do and that the business of design is about making better the lives of those we serve. Until next week, be well and take today first.